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Setting Pressure on S9
i have been using your direction to try to change the pressure on my S9. I get to the "Set Pressure" on my menu, but I can't get it to change with the instructions furnished. I've tried each of the controls available with zero results. My current pressure is too strong for me at 8, and I'd like to reduce it. Thanks for any help.

I don't know what instructions you're reading so I'll just guess a little. When you get to "Set Pressure," push down on the round control knob to open up the options.

Did you do that? If so let us know. If not, let us know.

I scroll through "SLEEP QUALITY", "SLEEP REPORT" TO "VIEW SETTING". I push the button and turn it to "Set Pressure". I press the button again, and nothing happens. I can turn the button, and that doesn't lead anywhere. I can press the double check bar that I used to get into the menu, and that just takes me out of the menu.

After those successive failures, let me tell you how I failed to get into a chat group I belong to and how the wood pile fell over on me while trying to straighten it, just after I failed to start the wood splitter after explicit in-person instructions on how to do so. I'm now afraid to pet my dog for fear he will explode.


(11-18-2014, 05:29 PM)foggbird Wrote: I scroll through "SLEEP QUALITY", "SLEEP REPORT" TO "VIEW SETTING".
You cannot change the setting from here, you need to to heck into the clinical menu

[Image: s9-pic1.jpg]

S9 setup video http://www.apneaboard.com/resmed-s9-cpap-setup

(11-18-2014, 05:29 PM)foggbird Wrote: I'm now afraid to pet my dog for fear he will explode.


Yeah, I hate it when that happens. I think Zonk is right in that you are not in the settings mode. So I don't know what you read, but just do as Zonk and I have advised and you should be fine.

Hi foggbird,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy and getting your pressure set.

I went back and very carefully read the instructions. I had misread them, made the correction and set the air pressure from 8 to 6. We'll see how that works out.

I then copied and pasted those instructions, printed them and taped them to the bottom of my CPAP. Then I emailed them to myself and moved that email to a permanent file I use for important information that I can access anywhere in the world, as I do a lot of overseas traveling.

Previously, I had asked my respiratory therapist to set the pressure lower. She wouldn't as my pressure was set at "average". I told her I wasn't average. Did she know how to reset it? Yes. Would she? No. I knew the pressure was too high because I had an old CPAP I bought at a garage sale with much less pressure. It worked great for me, but it was too bulky for traveling. So now, as Frank says, I did it my way, with your help.

My dog is not looking the least bit explosive. Thanks y'all.

Since you do not show that you are using any software, moving the therapy pressure down from the titrated value risks losing any value of the therapy. Also such a large jump as you are taking is not advisable for most users. Do as you think best but smaller steps would be wiser and having software to track your results is practically a necessity lest you be shadow boxing in the dark.

Best regards, Dude
Thanks, Surferdude2. I admit I'm doing this on a trial and error basis. My thinking is that I will know if I'm sleeping well. My wife will know if I'm jolting awake to catch my breath. I also experimented with a different CPAP with less pressure and found it better. I'm sure there are more scientific ways to do this. If this setting causes problems, I'll change back to the previous setting.

Do you trust that woman? Big Grin OK, full speed ahead but watch out for torpedoes.

For better or worse, try to find out the FULL model name of that machine (like S9 Elite or S9 Escape or S9 AutoSet) and post it in your profile. If it's a data capable machine, you can install the free software offered by the forum sponsor and track your progress with it. It makes for easier analysis of your therapy and will also allow you to post the data from it to be view by one of the experts here and maybe get you all set with the ideal pressure.

Best regards, Dude

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