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Setting up new Resmed S9 Autoset
Now that I have an S9 on the way it occurred to me there a few things that I may need to consider.

First, I suppose I need to reset something so that the previous owners data is erased both from the cpap and the SD card and how to go about that so I don't mess something up.

I'm sure I can figure out how to set up the other normal stuff using the owners manual. That should be no issue.

Sleeprider: I wonder if I should set my minimum to 8.5 as I started moving it up as you suggested on my Apex or if I should set it at 8 where I had it before.

I am thinking in the beginning I will set the minimum and max to what I am used to on my old one and then at some point open it up to see if it comes up with the same pressure changes and 90% as the other or if it will be different. Or, maybe that won't be necessary.

Maybe I need to reset the whole thing and erase the 76 hours and whatever else might be on there? If so, I probably need some help knowing how to go about doing that.

That's what comes to mind at the moment. Anything else I might need to do?
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Reset the user data in the clinical menu, and reformat the SD card using FAT32. You can't reset machine hours, but should see the therapy hours at 0 before you start using it. The reset is easy in the expanded menu. You should then have a fresh start. I agree setting the S9 pressure settings about the same as what you're using with the Apex, and see where that takes you. It will increase pressure faster than the Apex, so minimum pressure is not as critical, I'd stay at 8.0 for starting.

Once you have some time on the new machine, I'll look forward to your impressions on comparing the Apex and Resmed devices. Good luck and congrats on a good buy.
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I just read the following on another forum:

"Make sure you write protect your card before putting it into your computer! Failure to do this can make your card un-useable in your CPAP machine. Also remember to turn off write protect when you put it back in your CPAP or your machine can't save the data"

Is this accurate info? I see nothing like this listed in the clinicians manual.
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It's Windows issue. Windows will write a hidden file called System Volume Information to the card. Then the S9 will reject the card and reformat it.
SOP is to lock before going near a Windows computer.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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It seems only the S9 is offended by the index file. The Airsense 10 doesn't seem to mind. It's a good idea to lock the SD card before reading it in Windows, and unlock it before putting it back in the machine. Sleepyhead actually cautions users to do this. I think Mac computers also can write files that offend the S9.
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Ha, Ha, it's here. 76 hours just like I was told. What a deal I got, hehehe.

Anyway, I want to make sure I have it set up right and use it tonight already and thought it good if I listed how I have it set and make sure I've got it right and see if there are any other considerations to check out.

I did not get a humidifer. Didn't use one for 16 years and didn't want one now. I figure I can always pick one up to try from someone that has one lying in their closet.

I did the erase which was supposed to clear out all data on the machine and card. Although, I think it was already done. I also put it back to factory defaults before making changes.

I decided to use the settings I had on the Apex including the minimum, although it was 8.5 on the Apex, 8.4 was as close as I could get. I just happen to like that pressure it is real easy and pleasant to breathe.

Max 17
Min 8.4
EPR Full time
EPR Level 3 as on Apex
Mask Nasal
Tube Standard
No Ramp

Sleep Quality On
Smart Start off for now, may change that. Will that affect data if I use that?
Access - I guess I want that set to Full?? rather than Limited?

I set a reminder for SD for 10-26-16 as I understand that you need to save your SD card every 7 days or you lose some data. Is that correct?

Sleep Report set for 1 day.

That's it so far. I will look at the directions again later. Needed a break for now.

How does it look? Did I get it all so far?
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Looks good to go. The humidifier H5i is expensive if you decide you need one. Fun to watch you giggle like a school girl over your deal. Smile
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(10-19-2016, 05:02 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: Looks good to go. The humidifier H5i is expensive if you decide you need one. Fun to watch you giggle like a school girl over your deal. Smile

Sleeprider: Thanks to you for posting that search engine you use or I would never have come across a deal like this in a million years.

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Used the S9 for the first time last night. So far I would have to say it sounds a bit different, it breathes a bit different. But basically I slept right through the whole thing with no interuptions, from the cpap that is, and found it breathes quite comfortably once I got into it. I didn't experience any drastic aggressive pressure changes which I was concerned about possibly getting after hearing of some peoples experiences.
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Sounds like it worked as advertised. When we say the Autoset attacks OA more aggressively than other auto CPAPs it is all relative. Most people wont' notice it until they check their numbers in the morning.

Just remember, when the snow starts flying here....you owe me. Smile
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