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Shortness of breath daytime
I recently was prescribed higher settings from 5-10 to 8-14 , im experiencing having trouble being able to fill my lungs during the day, symptoms started shortly after the new settings.

Before when I got my cpap like 3 months ago i went trough the same thing but spent over 1k running multiple times to er , etc. all test including my heart monitor i wore for a day came back perfect.

I work out, and i dont feel any heart issues or symptoms.

Anyone else suffered this? how long did it taje to go away for you? what helped and what made it worst?
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If you're talking about the feeling of not being quite able to get a fully expanded digging breath, that's different from what's referred to as shortness of breath. I experience it once in a while. It seems to have nothing to do with exertion. In fact, in my case exercise makes it go away, if anything.

I described it to my pulmonologist and he said it's called "air hunger" and is generally connected with stress and/or anxiety. This pretty much fits my experience. It may have nothing to do with your CPAP therapy, or maybe the therapy itself is making you anxiousfor some reason.
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ezdrifler: Are you on any medications? Perhaps a beta blocker?

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(04-23-2016, 09:54 AM)justMongo Wrote: ezdrifler: Are you on any medications? Perhaps a beta blocker?

no medications, maybe since im bench pressing heavy weight plus the additional cpap pressure makes me feel sore from my chest, which worries me, which turns into anxiety, which makes it worst.

today i feel better, comes and goes.

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(04-23-2016, 01:50 PM)ezdrifler Wrote:
(04-23-2016, 09:54 AM)justMongo Wrote: ezdrifler: Are you on any medications? Perhaps a beta blocker?
no medications, maybe since im bench pressing heavy weight plus the additional cpap pressure makes me feel sore from my chest

The pressure you put on your torso with the weights is very much higher than the pressure any normal cpap machine can put out. Way way higher. Remember 10 cm of water is very close to one percent of normal air pressure at sea level.

Plus lifting weights is supposed to make you sore - if it doesn't make you sore you aren't doing it right. After one weight training session you should wait until the soreness is all gone before doing another. Generally three weight sessions a week is all the Professional lifters do and they are superbly trained.

Weight lifting breaks down muscle tissue - it's supposed to do that - given enough time your body will repair that tissue and make it stronger but you have to give it enough time or you won't get stronger, you will get weaker.
Ed Seedhouse

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Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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Shortness of breath is not only a common symptom of anxiety attacks (I noticed you said anxiety after lifting makes it worse), but also of certain heart diseases. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and you know what one of the first symptoms was? Yep, SOB! You might have heard of HCM before, because it's the condition that kills those young athletes you sometimes hear about in the press. You know, the teenagers who drop dead on the basketball court, or long distance runners who die in the middle of a marathon? The ones who were supremely healthy right up until the moment they collapsed and died? Yep, that's what I have, and in hindsight I now know that it's likely why my mother suddenly dropped dead when I was 10 months old.

SOB can be symptomatic of cardiac issues which are no joke, and which you may not necessarily feel in your heart. I certainly didn't! The reason I went to the hospital was a combination of anxiousness and slight disocciation, a feeling that I couldn't take a deep enough breath, repeatedly feeling like I had forgotten to breathe, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, a loss of appetite for a couple of days, and eventually a slight tingling in my left fingertips that made me tell my girlfriend to take me to the ER in the middle of the night. Notice I did NOT say there were any classic heart attack symptoms like pain in my chest, and if I hadn't had a BP machine in the house I wouldn't have known about my BP and heart rate being elevated.

It's been a while since this thread has been touched, so I hope that you're well and am curious to know whether you've learned anything since then. FYI HCM is a genetic condition, so if there's any history of sudden death in your family you seriously need to get checked out!
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How old are you? It may be that your upper airway just has an inherently small volume. If that is the case it may be worth visiting a orthognathic or maxillofacial surgeon so they can do imaging tests on your airway to determine it's volume and size. If it's naturally small, you might want to look into jaw surgery to expand it permanently.
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BizarroX good reply, it got me thinking.

At times I become aware that I am not taking a breath. I force myself to start breathing. It is not hard, I just think it. After I start breathing It keeps going and I forget about it.

I have never told my doctors, I think I will write myself a note to let them know about this.

Thanks, I see it on SleepyHead maybe as pauses in pressure pulse. My sleep doctor has never looked at my data. Maybe a new doctor is in order ?

Thanks very much, I will follow-up on this.

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