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Should I replace my Resmed S9 Elite for a S9 autoset?
Hi there,

Last week I had the change to try the resmed S9 autoset for a week. The first difference I noticed was that the machine is running much more quietly than the Elite. I also got my new nasal mask the Swift FX Nano which I'm liking very much.

Last Friday I had to return the machine to the clinic and I was hoping that the test resulted in switching the elite to an autoset permanently. My AHI was down from an average from around 4.5-5 to 3,75 with the auto(in 1 week). I spoke with the the doctor and she explained to me that the autoset is used to diagnose but not to treat sleep apnea. They use the autoset to prescribe the best pressure settings, but strangely not to treat? Pressure settings are increased from 8.2 to 9.2 continuous pressure,no EPR, no ramp.

So here I'm back with my dear Elite, I still want an autoset but they say it's much more expensive. What should I do ?

THX all!

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I would try the Elite at 9.2 fixed and see what happens. Post results here.

You do know that the Elite has ramp and EPR functions?
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(08-06-2013, 05:35 PM)SilverSleeper Wrote: I spoke with the the doctor and she explained to me that the autoset is used to diagnose but not to treat sleep apnea.

Find another doctor. This one sounds like a quack. I think you'll find that several of us here on the forum have AutoCPAP devices. They have the advantage that they will adjust the treatment pressure as appropriate for the sleeping position, phase of the moon, and anything else that might contribute to the required treatment pressure. Sure, I could use a CPAP device set at 17 or 18 cmH2O to handle my worst-case requirements. But high pressures do have potential negative side effects, and quite frankly I'd prefer a lower pressure if it happens to be sufficient at the time.

As for cost, I don't know what your local device costs are, but if you check out the various vendors on the Supplier List, you'll see that the Elite runs around US$645 (without humidifier) while the AutoSet runs around US$720 (without humidifier). Is a 12% increase in price considered "much more expensive"? Keep in mind that these are without humidifier. The same humidifier (and other equipment) works for both machines, so the percentage increase would be even smaller.
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Yeah, I second what Ron said. The doctor hasn't got a clue about Auto-CPAPs. Thinking-about
Apnea Board Administrator


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(06-29-2013, 05:36 PM)SilverSleeper Wrote: I’m on on the elite for 8 months now, and like I said before I’m having very good results especially for the treatment of my heart symptoms, Atrial Fibrilation(AF), and tiredness.
When my AHI is low (< 5), the tiredness is gone. When it’s higher 7 - 11 I’m feeling the new “bad”, which is much better then before!
Next week I have to go to Clinic again and I want to ask the docter if it’s possible to try the S9 autoset.
The average AHI for the last 6 months is about 6/hour, but I ‘m having a lot more clear airways events then obstructive episodes ( 3 : 1). CPAP pressure is 8 cmH20.
What do you think I should do ?
Thank you all!

My sleep test AHI was 37. I started with a CPAP pressure of 8 and had nightly AHIs a little below 5. My nurse suggested LOWERING my pressure to 6 and in the month since, my AHIs has been below 1. I was using nasal pillows and the higher pressure was apparently causing more leaks. I have the S9 Autoset but run it at fixed pressure. I tried Auto but the AHI readings were higher -- still below 2 but not as good as fixed pressure. I guess what I'm saying is don't assume that higher pressure is the answer.
"Sometimes the magic works . . . and sometimes it doesn't" -- Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man
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(08-06-2013, 05:53 PM)tokyo43 Wrote: I would try the Elite at 9.2 fixed and see what happens. Post results here.

You do know that the Elite has ramp and EPR functions?

Yes I know but turning EPR on increased my AHI considerably. So I turned that function off.

Quote:The doctor hasn't got a clue about Auto-CPAPs

You right, that's also my first feeling. She couldn't give me any reason why not to use an autoset. It was like autoset ---> diagnostic tool.....sleep apnea ---> CPAP(standard Resmed Elite).

Otherwise when I told here I want to buy an autoset, no matter what price, they checked the price € 700 ex. VAT(21%).

If I had an autoset from the beginning, I didn't had to wait 9 months to know the best pressure setting.

A 1 day sleep observation at the clinic isn't long enough to determine the best pressure settings.

The last week with a pressure setting of 9,2 my AHI decreased to 2,78 from 7,29(last 6 months!)

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