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Should PAP therapy eliminate all snoring?
RE: Should PAP therapy eliminate all snoring?
I have found that coughing will register as a snore. Sometimes when I first start my CPAP at night my throat gets a tickle when the air hits it and I cough to relieve it--and a snore shows up the next day in SH.
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RE: Should PAP therapy eliminate all snoring?
Duplicate post deleted.
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RE: Should PAP therapy eliminate all snoring?
(05-24-2019, 02:25 PM)sheepless Wrote: I'm not convinced all flagged snores are snores.

Evidence in my situation agrees with you.

I have recently replaced an Airsense 10 Autoset with a VAuto running at same pressures, except for the upper limit being set higher for the VAuto to give a pressure support 4cm of room to work (thank you bonjour) in lieu of the 3cm EPR provided. That higher limit is not reached, however, nor reflected as I can see it in looking at the 95% pressure and overall pressure profile. I may be wrong, but as I see it the VAuto is pressurizing my airways the same as the Autoset had been. I'm guessing there is a significant difference in algorithms and, maybe, some other subtle differences in snore and FL suppression responsiveness.

Some supporting or related observations from my experience:

    The VAuto, at (I'll say) same pressures has virtually eliminated the snore and dramatically reduced FL that had been indicated by the Autoset.
    The SH snore graphic always showed a short burst of snore immediately upon start up and restart of the Autoset. Then both would rise from zero at the same time indicating, IMO, sleep onset minutes later when a lot of snore and FL would begin. The VAuto indications of same are little to none. Those indicated start up "snores" and FL, IMO, were just air rush transients. As indicated below, they are no longer registered (by SH-VAuto combo) for any startups or for my significant body shifts breathing irregularities. 

    With the Autoset the frequent, fairly regular and larger snores (.25 and above) were almost always indicated as in synchrony with FR spikes. The associations of the fewer snores (using the VAuto) are far less coincident.

    Having reduced AHI from the 60 range (mostly OSA) to a 1-year 0.4 and 6-month 0.1, I still had lots of FL, Snore and FR spikes. Dissatisfied, I got an accelerometer and charted sleep motions parallel and synchronized with the SH graphs. Before getting the VAuto, I'd see movement, small or large, coincide with almost all larger Snore indicators and FR spikes. The question in mind was whether disturbed sleep caused the movements or vice versa. Now, with the VAuto, I see a much enlarged fraction of the continuing FR spikes not being associated with (the now absent) snores or even with the reduced but remaining FL spikes. Movements cause most of the spikes, not snores or apneas.  

    At this stage, with greatly improved sleep (AHI, too, of course), with nearly totally eliminated snore, with greatly reduced FL, I'm convinced that either drugs or surgery would be the only avenue toward eliminating whatever sleep impairment comes, if any, from the sleep movement, FR spikes and residual FL.  I. Am. Not. Going. There. Will just learn what I can and share what my experience has been. I do believe an accelerometer is helpful when its data is presented graphically in parallel with SH graphs. In addition to showing movement at FR spikes , it convinced me to sleep on my side; it showed I had to take measures to stop the supine sleep I preferred.
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RE: Should PAP therapy eliminate all snoring?
I think CPAP can get pretty close to zero snoring, but totally eliminate it, I don't think it does. My machine is an Autoset and I still have events, so it says, but I feel well rested most days if I sleep enough. I have heard of people getting an operation on their turbinates or a tonsilectomy that allegedly stops it. I think the goal is snoring reduction to begin with and then getting way down near zero as a goal. I was diagnosed with sleep terror and given Paxil one time lol. I think old school is best, get a study done in a lab overnight, get a machine, practice and have patience. The results will be amazing. I also use a mouth guard for bruxism. When a guest stays over they usually never hear any snoring but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Maybe they are deaf, lol. No, but the events recorded are my breathing patterns which are not right according to the machine, even though they may be silent. In the future they may have a nuero-cap that could be worn to read what is happening in the the brain itself. And with a that a new kind of system could come about to control the body in different ways, who knows. Uh oh better not say that, they could make a matrix on me using cloud computing.
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RE: Should PAP therapy eliminate all snoring?
Well I was diagnosed with moderate/severe apnea and I barely snored.
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