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Simplus FFM Pulls Upwards to Eyes During Sleep
Hoping you guys have seen this one before.

I switched to a Simplus FFM the last few nights, and I am struggling with leak. I wake up several times a night and find that I have to pull the mask away from my face and down, and then let it rest against my face to prevent the leaks. Everytime though the entire mask is pushed towards the top of my head, leaking into my eyes.

I am tolerating APAP, and am waking up much earlier than I used to. Still tired during the day, maybe even more so, but overall stamina is improved, if that makes since.

Here are some graphs from last night, just in case anything jumps out.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: iktBJmK.png]
[Image: ni3pnwk.png]
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A while back one member came up with a fix for this problem. It consisted of a strap that attached to the mask's lower straps and would run under the chin. As I remember it, his wife was a seamstress and sewed the strap together. You can mimic this strap if you obtain something like Velcro cable ties. These come in 1/2" x 8" & 10" lengths. To locate them, Google "velcro reusable cable ties".
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Robysue's Beginner's Guide to Sleepyhead
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Okay, like a small makeshift strap under the chin?

I actually have some of the velcro straps. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely give this a shot.
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I finally found the member's post on the chinstrap I refereed to in my previous post.

Useful Links -or- When All Else Fails:
Robysue's Beginner's Guide to Sleepyhead
Apnea Helpful Tips
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I actually have the velcro strips that are designed to loop back through themselves to wrap around cables so that they won't get lost, when not fully wrapped around cables. I am thinking I can use those to loop around the mask, or to connect to each other. I will experiment to see which way is more comfortable.
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So last night was definitely an improvement with the velcro strips attached to the bottom straps, forming a makeshift chin strap.

Thanks for the tip!

There is clearly some leak still happening on occasion, but not nearly to the degree that it was the night before.

I think I am going to buy the buckwheat pillow that was developed on the other CPAP forum, and an IV stand to hold the hose. Hopefully those will take care of the other leak issues that I am seeing.


[Image: cyuvNRi.png]
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I also use a F-P Simplus, and had/still have a bit of the mask sliding up toward my eyes problem. I have modified the upper straps so that they dond pull the mask up so much, and have used Moleskin to interface between the mask's silicone plastic and my face. This has allowed me to loosen the straps considerably. Also, I cut off the "across the top of my head" strap completely so that the upper straps only pull the mask around my head and not up.

If you are interested in some of the other modifications I made to get a good comfortable seal, email me, and I'll send you back some pictures and a description.

PS: I have been using, and trying to get a comfortable fit out of CPAP/BiPAP nasal and full face masks for over 20 years!
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Having the same problem and early days for me but I am having a bit of success using something my wife made modeled on the pada cheek anti leak strap.

I tried the Velcro strap under the chin but it did not work well for me. I will try again but the strap I mentioned seems to work ok
One thing I did find is that you have to be careful with the Velcro strap, they make a mess of the mask straps if they keep getting attached to it.


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