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Sinus infection!
I've been doing cpap for 3 months, Phillips Respironics auto cpap machine, Dreamwear mask. Up until last week I was using every night, 6+ hours a night.
Last week out of the blue I had a weird pain in my nose. High up on the left side the pain felt like it was in the bones of my nose, quite sore to the touch and have had headaches (which is very rare for me) I went to see the doctor and was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection.

I am very concerned that this was caused by my cpap therapy. I have been vigilant about washing the nosepiece of my mask every morning, rinsing the humidifier tank well daily and washing weekly, my mask weekly, not as good about cleaning the heated humidifier tubing. I've cleaned the tubing 4 or 5 times in the last 3 months using a dilute Stars San solution and rinsing well afterwards.
So I've been on antibiotics for about a week, I should say that during this whole experience I have not been stuffed up during the day, just headaches off and on during the day. I have much less sinus pain, didn't use my cpap for most of the last week. I have tried to use it the last couple of nights but I only last about 30 minutes and have to stop, my nose and throat feel weird, seem to swell and I have problems breathing. The last couple of nights, on my dr's recommendation I've tried using Afrin a couple of hours before bedtime with no improvement.
I had my DME send me a new mask, tubing and nosepiece, as well as a tube cleaning brush. I'm looking for answers here, has anyone else dealt with this? How long before you were able to use cpap? I have to say I'm kind of afraid about starting up again but I am trying. I've never had a sinus infection before.
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Hi there Smile

A couple things you mentioned on your post, raised some flags for me, I am by no means a veteran around here nor can I comment on your equipment.

You did say you don't frequently clean out your hose, It is my opinion that should be part of your routine along with cleaning the mask & tank.

The other thing is you mentioned using Star San solution, might be wise to stick to warm water and a milder detergent, I have no idea if that's the cause, but it's possible. Also use distilled water with your tank, it will avoid build up on the internal parts of your humidifier.

Finally consider lowering the humidity of your machine, my first time around on the CPAP I used to crank it up to nearly max and I have realized recently that I was overdoing it.

Good Luck! Smile

"I'm not asleep... but that doesn't mean I'm awake."
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See below for the "Possibly Related Threads..." section. You might find some useful information in there. I doubt that the CPAP caused your infection. My wife gets them all the time and I am the one sucking on the hose all night.
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I am now cleaning my tubing weekly, or I will when I am able to start back up again. The Star San is something I read about here on the apnea board, I do rinse very well after using it. I have never used anything but distilled water in the humidifier and while I was just rinsing it out well daily I've been washing it for the last month.
The headaches are not horrible but frequent, I have so much sympathy for those who have frequent migraines. I've rarely had headaches before now.

Thanks for your inputSmile
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I agree with SeriousJoker about lowering your humidity settings (if they are high).

What humidity settings are you using at the moment?

How has the climate where you are changed since you started using CPAP? You don't list a country in your profile, so I don't know if you're in late spring or winter where you live.

If it's late spring where you are, you be able to use a lower humidity setting now.

Something like Breathe-Right strips might help you to use CPAP while you're getting over the sinus infection.

My recommendations are unscientific. The one time I've had any congestion/respiratory infection issues with my CPAP machine was one night this past winter when I turned the humidity setting up to the max.

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I am in Washington state, thanks for the suggestions. I just turned my humidity down from 3 to 1 and my heat down also. Hope it helpsSmile
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I can't add much than what has been suggested, but have you changed the filters in your machine?
Also, you should be coming up for a replacement hose. It's a good idea to have a spare hose so that when you clean one
you can just switch out until the other is dry.
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I have changed my filters and got a new hose this week so I can do just thatSmile
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Any of you know what the difference is in Respironics hose 1032907 and 622038?
I have a Phillips/Respironics System One machine and not sure which hose to buy.
I usually turn up the humidifier if I have any sinus trouble as I believe the extra moisture helps and I would think that a too dry situation could cause a sinus headache.
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(06-01-2016, 04:29 PM)MorrisGray Wrote: Any of you know what the difference is in Respironics hose 1032907 and 622038?
I have a Phillips/Respironics System One machine and not sure which hose to buy.
I usually turn up the humidifier if I have any sinus trouble as I believe the extra moisture helps and I would think that a too dry situation could cause a sinus headache.

Hi MorrisGray. Welcome to the forum. It seems the difference between the 2 hoses is color. 1032907 is white the other is grey. Neither one is heated. You may need a heated hose with your humidifier. Check your existing hose to see if it is a heated hose.

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