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Sinus infection
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RE: Sinus infection
(01-06-2015 02:32 AM)AshSF Wrote:  My body posture [with neti pot] wasn't correct. If you don't do it in the right way, it makes you more susceptible to sinus attacks. Also, I was doing it with cold water. Now I do it with lukewarm distilled water. There are multiple yoga related websites which describe the correct posture. You should google "neti technique" and read up.

Also, doing it 4x a day is overkill on a daily basis and may remove too much mucus. I only do it once a day.

If you are in the middle of an acute sinus infection, then 4x a day makes sense. I have never been able to control a sinus infection with antibiotics. I have always gotten a good result by aggressive Neti during acute sinusitis.

Thanks. Yes, normally I only use the neti pot once a day -- I've only increased it temporarily due to this infection.

What has really seemed to help in my case is putting my head under a towel tent over a pot of steaming water with some rosemary or eucalyptus oil 3 or so times a day. I started that yesterday afternoon, and it seemed to knock out the infection per se (headache, teeth ache, colored nasal discharge). I'm still blowing my nose a lot, but it seems much clearer. I'm not adverse to antibiotics, but tend to use them as a last resort. Some years ago I did a lot of freediving (breathhold skin diving without scuba gear) and became very familiar with ear/sinus issues of various kinds.
01-06-2015 10:06 AM
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RE: Sinus infection
I don't really know if what have is an ear infection but the doc said that my right ear is really red and I know that when he was looking around in it, it was painful. I don't know if antibiotic will clear up the drainage in my throat or not but I am tired of my ear hurting and feeling really hard and when I bend over to pick something up, etc., it is painful. so antibiotics I will try. What is crazy is that I was putting in ear drops that my ear doctor gave me and on the 6th (out of 7th prescribed day), is when my right ear got so bad.
01-06-2015 12:02 PM
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