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Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
I have been reading some of the other post regarding sleep apnea and going under anesthesia for a procedure and still have some questions and and concerns.

I have to get a short procedure under General anesthesia , doc said it would take about 30 min.
Like some other threads people are concerned about breathing while knocked out.

Well, I am terrified. I have severe OSA and worried that after they wheel me into recovery I will not be able to breath.

Hospital told me to bring my mask and they would put me on cpap while coming out of anesthesia. However, I can’t shake the feeling of having someone I don’t know be responsible for my life. That may or may not know the dangers of SA. I know that in a medical setting like that, that is their job and thats  what they do. I end of spiraling thinking the worst. I suppose some of this is normal, when you have no control.

I imagine many many many people with SA get procedures all the time for various things. 

I need a way or advice to get off this  constant mind loop I am in about this, get this procedure and hopefully feel better. Being in pain sucks.

Thanks andy
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
It is extremely scary when you feel like you have no control, but you need to be vigilant in telling everyone involved from your doctor, nurses, and most importantly the anesthesiologists.  

If you are in a hospital setting, the anesthesiologists are the ones that will monitor your breathing.  Don't be afraid of being a pain in the butt, and keep confiding in them your concerns.

Bring your Cpap machine, and leave it with a family member or friend as you may need it in recovery.  
Let the recovery nurses know you have it available.

And be sure your family member or friend knows how to use the machine and how to put your mask on if needed.

I've had a couple different procedures done, and never needed my machine.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
During your surgery, your breathing will receive attention greater than at any other time in your life! -- That is true, and it might be a helpful way to get out of the anxiety loop.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
I've had several procedures done under general anesthesia, with zero problems. The surgical team is be closely monitoring  your respiration and oxygen level and will respond as required to make sure you are well.

As others has said, bring your machine and mask. You may wish to use it during your post-procedure stay.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
The OR staff KNOWS how to, under any circumstance, maintain your breathing. I advised my surgeon and the anesthetist that per a recent sleep study, I stopped breathing 77 times per hour on average without my CPAP. I stated that that was my unaided AHI. I also stated that I had confidence in their ability to maintain my breathing. I also told them of many many requests to "OK, now breathe Fred, take a breath" as I was coming out from anesthesia. Let them know, they have seen it before.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
Breathing is the number one concern when putting a person under and they will be ready for all situations. They can keep you breathing even if you don't want to.

OSA is even less of a concern, literally all they would need to do to overcome your sleep apnea is intubate you (insert breathing tube).

Let the doctors know you have sleep apnea and then rest at ease, keeping you breathing is simple and they know how to do it.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
I have been put under over a dozen times with no problems. If you never have had anesthesia, your 1st time is the test to see how well you tolerate it. Your Anesthesiologist will talk to you before the surgery. Bring up any concerns. Sometimes they will call you a couple of days before the procedure. Some people can get nausea or develop itching after the anesthesia. Fortunately that has not happened to me.  A breathing tube down is insert down your throat but for most part you are still breathing on  your own. Because of the tube you don't have to worry about apneas during the surgery. YOU ARE COMPLETELY MONITORED BY THE DOCTOR.
Sometimes they will ask for you to bring your cpap machine to be used in the recovery room.

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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
Thank you everyone. 

Was wondering, if twilight or IV  is safer for us SA  people than general anesthetesia

With twilight you come out of it faster, but with general your are usually intubated during the procedure. 

What are peoples thoughts on this?

My procedure will be about 30 min.

thanks again!
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
The doctors know best. Let them know you have obstructive apnea and they will do what is best.

Edit: If you tell a doctor you want something done a certain way you risk them being forced out of their comfort zone and regular practices. They have years of schooling and practice and will do what is best for you.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia Advice
I have been put under a number of times in the last few years never had any problem. People handling it no more about it that I know about CPAP. Has never even made me nervous.
"Sometimes the magic works . . . and sometimes it doesn't" -- Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man
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