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Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia When Having Surgery and Thank you
RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia When Having Surgery
Schnauzer 5, I removed your attachments as they are not sleep apnea related.

Please see this post on how to input images.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia When Having Surgery
I just wanted docwils to see and he did. Going blind is not sleep apnea related either and I asked if I needed to to to off topics
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia When Having Surgery
(04-06-2013, 02:31 PM)Schnauzers 5 Wrote: I just wanted docwils to see and he did. Going blind is not sleep apnea related either and I asked if I needed to to to off topics

I did, however, consider the question of using CPAP in the hospital and whether or not it should be necessary during surgery. That part was related.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia When Having Surgery
The long and short of it is.......... depends - any narcosis where you are intubated prevents apnoea from happening. Superficial narcosis, which does not require intubation, the risk of apnoea is higher, but the chance of them using your machine is actually minimal - they may well prefer to intubate, unless it is an outpatient procedure, in which case, if you prearrange it, there is a good chance of bringing your machine along for the ride.

Here all hospitals have machines (and if needed, masks) and you simply ask the LL to fax them the Rx so they can set it right. Private clinics may vary in this practice. In the US, it will vary from state to state and clinic to clinic - the big hospitals usually have the necessary machines. Inform your surgeon or the gas passer ahead of time (give them a few days to arrange things, please) and they will decide what is best and what they will do.

Most outpatient procedures that require a light narcosis don't take enough time for apnoea to be a major factor (if the op runs 20 the 30 minutes, unless you really have a severe case, hosing you up is almost pointless) and at any rate they monitor your O2sats throughout. Again, it is just as easy for them to intubate (if they are equipped for it - a lot of places that simply never need such equipment won't have it) as rig your CPAP for an operating theatre. I doubt they would want you to use a mask for any eye operation, as it potentially gets in the way. Surgeons like elbow room when swinging their scalpels (and egos - I know this very well). Again, you have to check before hand in inform them of any problems you might have, like apnoea. Only then can they be prepared and you can be informed. In general, when under full narcosis, they don't like the idea of a CPAP machine in the recovery room because of the risk with all the free oxygen floating around, and commercial CPAPs are not all shielded for such things (some are, btw). In such cases they will leave the tube in longer, taking it out only when you are fully awake - the usually remove it sooner, once you have woken up enough to be groggy but not on your feet, since removal is unpleasant sometimes and easier for you when you are still a bit absent. Again, practices vary. The UK went under a full review on this aspect a few years back, as they overhauled the entire post op procedure, and the review is ongoing. In Switzerland we altered out practices also a short while back, based on WHO findings and new ideas coming out from just about everywhere, particularly from an American surgeon who wondered if the system used in the pit for formula one racing cars could be adapted to make the OP and post op procedure more efficient and safe. his ideas and observations are gaining credence in a lot of places. Exciting times, really.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia When Having Surgery
Read your posts and just had to reply....

Can't tell you much about CPAP and surgery, but your story just made me think about my own eye issues a few years ago.

In my mid 20's noticed big black blobs in my vision....mostly just one eye. Hard to explain....a bit like dirty glasses - every direction my eye moved there was the blob. Most disappeared after a few days, but then they started staying put. Ended up being something called 'floaters'....basically the fluid in the eye is inflamed and becomes cloudy. All of this was only happening in one eye.

Anyways....got sent to specialist, was put on steroid drops to reduce inflammation and they did a whole heap of tests, bloodtests etc to try and determine what was causing the inflammation. All came back negative.

The drops did nothing for the inflammation but caused rapid growth of a cataract!

After the drops did nothing, specialist then decided I needed to go on oral steroids. Wow, not fun!!!! So seemed I got just about every side effect of the oral steroids.....except reducing the inflammation in my eye. Weight gain, bad skin, digestive issues, mood fluctuations etc etc etc.

After several months on those I finally said enough and refused to take any more.... then he wanted me to try weekly injections into the eye of steroid!!!

By this point my vision was greatly affected by the cataract on my eye. When I asked about having it removed he said no...too dangerous, you might lose your vision in that eye.

I decided to see another specialist, actually 3....each of whom said the same thing, kind of just said, oh well that is how it is, can't see, can't remove the cataract.

I went back to my GP and asked for a referral to different specialist again, (thankfully he was great!) and wow amazing result.

I walked into her office. She looked at me for about 10 seconds, not even in my eye just at me....and named what I had. Yes she did have a full history from my GP and results of other tests...so she wasn't making it up. But also said she could see it in my eyes. Said it didn't respond to steroids (so all those drops, tablets and suggested injections would of done nothing). Not really sure what caused it, but current research points to Rubella in childhood?!?!? Asked her about removing the cataract, she said yes, higher risk, but absolutely let's do it. The next week I had the surgery.

The surgery was done as a local....was kind of weird, I would suggest at least some sedation, I was jumping at every sound and movement as I was stressed....not great when someone is trying to do delicate surgery on your eye!

10+ years later, eye is still going great. yes I still have my floaters, but amazing you get used to those. Yes I still go back and see her each year for a checkup. A few years after lens implant had to have YAG? laser to remove some regrowth of cells or something, but that was quick and painless 10mins in her rooms.

I often think of what might have been....definitely couldn't be doing the work I do now with vision in only one eye. So I guess my life would be completely different.

Sorry long post!

My point is, if the doctor isn't explaining things or not giving you a reason that you think is valid for not doing surgery, get a second opinion...and third and fourth. Keep going until to are satisfied.

I am not a specialist. Unfortunately you may not be able to have surgery, or you may only be able to have surgery on one eye. Just make sure that you feel you have all the information and advice that you need to make that decision. It is your eyesight and your health, you need to be informed.
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Just want To Say Thankyou
Thankyou all for your words of encouragement and support, I really apperciate it. I was very panicky and fearful. I still have the hurdle but feel ok that it will work out and that worse case senario will not happen. By June I expect this will be behind me and I will be seeing quite well. I don't care if I need glasses cuz I wear sunglasses to drive anyway. I bet I sleep better tonight. No matter how good a c-pap works and even good sleep hygieSleep-wellne, worry can ruin a good nights sleep.
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RE: Sleep Apnea & Anesthesia When Having Surgery and Thank you
I merged your "Thank You" thread with this one. It was not necessary to start yet another thread.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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Having Peace Helps Sleep
I am finally having some peace and less worry about my eyes. I slept six hrs and woke a bit before the dogs. Now if I could just get a good seven or 8 straight. I have to be in bed at 9:30 because it can take 30 minutes to get to sleep. Those chocolate cookies didn't help, lol.

Leaks and such still a headgear problem. I think sometimes the gear isn't the same as the one before. They do not all fit the same even if they are the same model. I notice some f you replace nasal pillows weekly? My insurance gives me two a month I think. I also have small, xs and L which are new never opened when they used to send all sizes. I wish I could trade them in but they say no.I would love to have a years' supply of pillows and headgear, and even a hose spare. No such luck. Wonder what the company that went bankrupt did with their display and supplies. Had I known I would have been there to take them off their hands.

Oh, and no records back as of yet either.
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