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Sleep Apnea Penalties?!
RE: Sleep Apnea Penalties?!
(10-07-2014, 12:22 AM)Galactus Wrote: BTW, here is the link to the military, and all the things that "could" make you ineligible it is quite the list too. It says a waiver is possible, and you have to remember that different branches would have different reasons for having waivers. Anyway who knows what the future will bring for him, I wish you and he all the best.


Interesting link.

This gets into a political correctness peeve of mine.

"Discrimination" is is the process of determining a difference. It has no "good" or "bad" in and of itself. For instance, it's a good thing for all of us when we discriminate between a red traffic signal and a green traffic signal.

Even when "discrimination" is used "against" someone, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

We discriminate against people with extremely poor vision when we don't allow them a driver's license. We discriminate against persons without medical licenses when we hire doctors. The military discriminates against people who can't shoot well when choosing people for a sniper job. We discriminate against children who want to get driver's licenses.

Discrimination for the wrong reasons is wrong. However, whenever you choose one person over another, or require qualifications for anything, you are discriminating between those who get chosen and those who don't.
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RE: Sleep Apnea Penalties?!
Totally agree with you archangle, it is a matter of putting the best people in the best place to do the best job, that's common sense, not discrimination. If we get political we have to go affirmative action where people are hired less for qualification and more for other reasons (not going to get into it we all know). That seems to be reverse discrimination.

Also keep in mind it is one thing to get it while in the military where in the aftermath maybe they could shift you to do another job, rather than to sign up with it where you might even fail basic training. because remember just because you can join doesn't mean you won't wash out for any number of reasons.
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RE: Sleep Apnea Penalties?!
It is a qualifications vs. discrimination thing. You cannot be a military pilot with glasses....it is compatible with the job requirements (I know, this was something I was looking at when I was young). It is just like you cannot use a tight-fitting respirator with a full beard...most companies will make you shave or not let you work where you need the respirator (religious reasons or not for the beard).

Unless it is classified as a disability (which I don't believe sleep apnea is yet), then the persons with disabilities requirements don't come in to play either. It may suck, but there are certain jobs where you must meet certain physical requirements...military, fire fighting, police and so on.

Sure, for your son, it may be a bit of a course change...I know in my case the glasses were...but it can be for the better. In my case, I'd be either a Captain or a Major by now (if I was very lucky / good)...but because of my course change, I'm making Lt. Col. salary plus benefits, have a home, wife, kid..."American Dream" type of stuff. Instead of going further in a military career, I serve my community through volunteering.

It's great that he's willing to serve, but there are other ways to serve, not just in uniform.
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RE: Sleep Apnea Penalties?!
With the drawdown in today's military, they are "rejecting" folks for minor things that were waived in the past. They aren't even talking to single parents even if it is a critically needed skill. There are too many hoops to jump through to make sure the kids are taken care of when mom or dad deploy. Tattoos that show in any uniform combination (including PT shorts) are a no-no for new recruits. I know for pilots the only time the vision is enforced is for the initial flight physical when starting pilot training. I know many pilots who passed that eye test and then went and got fitted for glasses the next week. I wore glasses as a navigator, but managed to pass the eye exam every time and still got the glasses and sunglasses. For me flying transports, this was not an issue.

The military has gotten highly selective as there are a lot of folks who can't get jobs elsewhere and want to join. I have read the Army is having issues finding folks who can pass the entry PT test because of the lack of fitness of our youth.

The important thing to take away from this you have identified a medical issue and taken the steps to correct it and ensure a longer life.

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RE: Sleep Apnea Penalties?!
Interesting on the no-go for recruits. Could be the military folks that came here were dx'd after getting in and just stayed.

Let's try to keep this thread to a discussion about CPAP and what the OP wanted to know about and not so much about the military though. Else it will have to be moved to Off Topic or split.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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