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Sleep Center versus At Home Stats
I've been very good about washing the mask daily. I think I've only skipped it once in the month of so I've been doing this. Good point on the face washing--I'll make sure that's part of the routine.

I just checked my leak data from last night, and even though I had a rather steady leak the last hour, it only registered as 15L/M--well below the 24L line Resmed considers major. My 95% figure was very low.

I called my DME folks this morning and told them the sleep tech thought the medium Airfit mask was too small. They told me a large cushion would be in the mail today. Service has been great so far.


(08-08-2016, 02:02 PM)GTOJim Wrote: Very good news. Daily washing of your mask and washing your face each night before bed can help a little with leaks. Skin oils deteriorate the cushion. Most insurance companies allow one new cushion per month. It might be wise to have one or two extras. I also hang onto an old mask that's been replaced for parts. A couple of times something broke on a mask I was using and fortunately I was able to use parts from an old mask to fix it. Broken parts seem to happen at times when I didn't have a new mask in reserve. Our dog has also helped out by chewing up a couple of masks.

Good luck

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(08-07-2016, 08:38 AM)richb Wrote: My first guess is that you got onto your back during those two periods of clustered events. Sleep position can affect Obstructive events.



I thought I had replied to this but just realized I hadn't. I'm pretty much a 100% back sleeper. I might go on my side for a little if I wake up in the middle of the night, but I'm usually on my back pretty soon. The sleep test report confirmed this as well.

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(08-08-2016, 02:37 PM)Mosquitobait Wrote: There are two things that come to mind with open ended pressure that I thought I'd mention. First, sometimes the higher pressure will wake you up. If you are new to this higher pressure and need it, maybe stepping up to it might help. In other words, instead of letting it go right to 16 when you were accustomed to 14, you set it to 14.5 for a few nights, then 15, then 15.5

I was set at continuous level of 10. It was suggested I try 5-12 to start APAP and it felt like it went well. I will definitely heed your advice to take it slow if I decided to take it higher

Quote:The second thing is if you have high blood pressure or a heart issue, sometimes the auto setting can cause problems with the blood pressure, which may make a problem with the heart worse. They didn't even do blood pressure on my study, so it's hard to know what it does exactly.

I'm going to monitor this closely since I have had problems with my blood pressure. My doc took me off BP meds a while back because he thought 140/80 was fine for a 65 year old. I've got my OMRON machine next to the recliner...I'll keep an eye on itl!

Quote:I'm glad to read that your AHI has improved!! I continually fiddle with my masks. I'm between sizes, so it takes some thinking and rummaging to make it work every night.

Thanks! I was happy to finally see a sub 5. My office mate is a consistent sub 1! I'd like to get there. Of course what I'm really looking forward to feeling better. Hopefully the lower AHI translates to that!


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Google CPAP Seal for a possible solution to the mask leaks. I bought one for my F&P Simplus. The first time I tried it, it was a miserable failure. Sigh, yes, it does help if you actually read the instructions. With that out of the way, I am trialling it again. Unlike the cloth mask liners which seem to increase but dissipate the leaks this gel seal actually stops them. It is one very sticky substance. I still get a few leaks sometimes but they are easier to stop and overall the leaks are much smaller and less frequent resulting in better sleep.
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