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Sleep Doctor Phone Appointment today
Earlier today the Sleep Doctor called to give me the results of the titration with the ASV from 2 weeks ago.

He said once they figured out what pressure settings were best for me, that my apneas were mostly treated, with just a few remaining. And this time I had at least 8% of N3 sleep, where as last study I had 0% of the N3 sleep.

Bottom line is, he is putting in a prescription for a Respironics ASV bipap for me, and once the Kaiser DME approves it, it will go to Apria to fulfill for me.

The Sleep Doc said this type of prescription usually takes longer to fulfill than the regular cpap, and that most of his patients have to get it on a rental. But I called DME and they said I would not need to pay a rental fee with my coverage.

Now the wait begins, to receive the call from Apria, and then to pick up the ASV Smile

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Although I do not use Apria, I have gleaned the following from those who have posted about their experience.
1) Read before signing.
2) Check to make sure they are giving you the machine you should be getting.
3) Never give them a credit card.

Their billing is known for the phrase: "You signed it, we can charge you anything we want."

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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Hi ruach,
I hope it doesn't take too long for you to get your new machine, good luck to you.
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Ruach, be sure to get a copy of your prescription and the sleep study results for your records. Your need for equipment will not go away, but doctors, DMEs and things change. You need to have a record to avoid expense and delays in the future, or if you want to obtain supplies elsewhere, it gives you a lot more leverage.
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Very good advice from justMongo and Sleeprider. I was assigned to Apria several years ago, don't remember details except I ended up, out of frustration switching to another DME. Over the years, two out of four DMEs have worked out well for me. Also, I agree with Sleeprider, get copies of everything and keep a good file, you will be dealing with this stuff for the long haul and the more savvy you become through this forum etc. the more you will appreciate having the files.
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Good advice from Sleeprider and Mongo. Apria can be good to deal with as long as you do not need any technical information concerning CPAP from their people. I do not give then a credit card number and never have any problem with their billing. I do not need their technical advice on CPAP, since I have learned more from this forum than most of them know. We have had some forum members who are RTs, who seem to be knowledgeable but many are not.

Best Regards,


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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thanks to all you all, for all your helpful advice. For me, the past few years with Apria, I have had mostly positive experiences, and I am grateful for that. I am looking forward to receiving the ASV Smile
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PS - I did get more info from Kaiser DME today. The clerk told me that Apria should call me next week regarding the sv auto bipap. Also, I was told that it is a rental, which I will not have to pay any fees for. This one they say will not be owned by me when they give it to me. Whereas the former cpap and bipap they gave me belonged to me when received by Apria. Must be because of the high cost of the sv auto bipap.
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Ruasch, this is a pretty common arrangement, and I am (as of Wednesday) under the same arrangement for an auto bilevel. We're going to have to demonstrate compliance, efficacy and benefit for at least 90 days before the rental converts to purchase.

Much of the concern raised earlier in this thread relates to whether you have full coverage, or high deductible insurance. It appears your costs are fully covered, so rental is not going to be a problem...relax and sleep well. Good luck with the new machine.
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Thanks Sleeprider - Apria told me that Kaiser rents for 13 months, and then re-evaluates on whether or not to continue to rent. They say then, if ever there is a problem with the device, that Apria will always be able to replace it if necessary.

And Apria called me today (Sunday) to tell me that I could pick up my new ASV Respironics DS960 tomorrow morning.
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