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Sleep Master wireless XPAP data transfer
(05-29-2016, 11:42 PM)Jack_Russell_Fan Wrote: I do not recommend using special characters in the SSID or password fields, as Sleep Master may or may not work properly using them. I only have done some limited testing on this. I do remember an issue with some FlashAir model not accepting special characters, but the specifics details are foggy in my mind.

I would suggest formatting your FlashAir card and trying to set it up again. If that does not work, would you be willing to send me a compressed copy of your SD card sleep data so I can try to debug this?


I've attempted to use Sleep Master to configure the card to be used in both station and AP mode. I did not use special characters in AP mode and that setup failed with the same error - so I think we can eliminate special characters as the cause.

I will download the FlashAir software, reformat and report back.

I am willing to send you a compressed copy of the card if this fails. I need to know what you want to include - I'm assuming you want the entire card contents (ie, sleep data PLUS the files/folders specific to FlashAir operation) ... please confirm.


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I reformatted the FlashAir - still get "An error has occurred at 1702" when Sleep Master attempts to save the configuration.

I did some research and found out how to set up the card to use WebDAV - which gives me the ability to map to the SD card from my Windows 7 laptop. For me, this is a very acceptable option because the Respironics Dreamstation does not get upset with the FlashAir files/folders on the card and leaves them alone.

WebDAV gives me the ability to map the card to a drive letter if I chose, which gives Sleepyhead the ability to read from the card directly. Alternatively (and what I'm doing), I can copy the files to the PC and keep multi-generation backups of my BiPap's SD card data; Sleepyhead can then read the local copy of the FlashAir data.
Where did you purchase your 8gig Toshiba flash air card? I'm finding them extremely expensive on the internet. And I almost hate to ask this, I use computers, but am computer illiterate....how much data will 8 gig hold? One year...two years of sleepyhead nightly data?

Lastly, is there a certain version of the Toshiba flash air card that needs to be purchased for it to work with your software that you created?

Thank you

8GB should hold more significnry than 365 days of data.. as I understand it, these cpap's have an internal limit of 365 days of data..

I can't imagine after the files containg data older than 365 days on your SD card would be eliminated but I don't know.

I've got a 32 Gb sd card, for the difference of $2 more than the 16 GB card when i got mine, what the heck, get the bigger card.

I've had my machine for about 3 weeks and I'm only using about 300Mb of space.

I haven't seen any 8 GB toshiba flash air w03's in a while.

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Thank u

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I got mine from eBay, shipped from China. It took about two weeks to arrive. The smallest size you can get will be way too much. Smile The data these machines record is very compact. On the other hand, a larger size is only a bit more and you can use it in other devices. You want the W-03 version of the card.
I've had my machine for more than a year and my backup SD card, which is where I copy the Flashair, is at 1.21 gigawatts err gigabytes. Wink

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

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While I was impressed with how easy Sleep Master (I'm using v5.0.0.21) made configuring a FlashAir W-03 16gb for use in my DreamStation, and the download process seems to work well (with no apparent connection issues), I'm having trouble locating the resulting data.

I've seen the instructions, "Sleep Master must be installed in the users 'documents' folder on the root drive of your computer", and I've tried creating a "C:\documents" folder and running Sleep Master from it and I've done the same with my Windows 10 "My Documents" folder (which is mapped to a non-boot drive), but while the import process goes smoothly, I've been unable to locate any data files that I can import into my data viewer, SleepyHead.

What have I missed?
If you are running Windows the path is: C:\Users\CurrentUserName\Documents or "My Documents" Depending on the name you supplied and machine type it could have a directory named "SickAndTired_Dreamstation".

P.S. Welcome to the Forum!

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(12-28-2016, 11:43 AM)Crimson Nape Wrote: If you are running Windows the path is: C:\Users\CurrentUserName\Documents


That's exactly what I needed to find the data.

Just to further document this issue for anyone else with this problem, apparently Sleep Master, and a couple of other applications, are keeping their data in the hard coded path, "%userprofile%\Documents" that you mentioned, instead of using the windows symbolic link (or junction point) for the "Documents" library located in the user folder, that on my system is currently mapped to "E:\My Documents" (since I prefer to keep my data on a different drive than my system and applications files). Anyone else who has remapped their windows "Documents" library to a different folder, will probably run into this problem as well.

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