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Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
I was just diagnosed with OSA but I don't have the specific results yet. I'm waiting on my titration sleep study to be scheduled. Therefore, being new to  CPAP my question may seem juvenile. 

I am a stomach sleeper. (Years of snoring and having my spouse punch me every time I slept on my back forced me to become a stomach sleeper) 

So now to my question:

Isn't stomach sleeping a preferred orientation for those with OSA?

I've seen several posts on this board that suggest that to be the case. Intuitively, I would expect back sleeping contributes to tongue gravity, which leads to a higher incident of obstructions. If true, I find it ironic that so many of the masks are made for back-sleepers. Why wouldn't the industry focus on masks that promote side and stomach sleeping?

I realize there are masks that enable side and stomach sleeping but they seem to be in the minority. Does anyone have one that they find works well?
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RE: Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
I'm a side sleeper and a mouth breather. No way can I breathe via my nose for very long. I simply cannot get enough air and it's too much of an effort. 

I'm currently using a ResMed AirFit F30 mask and have been now for over a month. Initially, I started my CPAP therapy with an AirFit F20, and that was early last September. 

I've found that both masks allow me to sleep on my side comfortably enough. For me, it was a matter of finding the right pillow for my head that accompanies the mask. That being a matter of firmness and correct support.
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RE: Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
My wife gave up.  I would snore standing on my head if she somehow elbowed me enough to get into that position.  I sleep on my side to begin with, even with PAP in place, end up on my back, and would often sleep on my stomach prior to PAP.  I think a person could learn to sleep on his/her stomach using one mask or another, but it would take perseverance, and maybe a soupcon of desperation.  As it is, I sleep on my side with an N20 with no leakage.  Wasn't able to for several months at first, but now it's second nature with no leaks (AHI of 'zero' yesterday morning, and "0.3" today).

Unfortunately, you will have to adapt to PAP the best you can and get comfortable with it, and then teach yourself how to revert to preferred orientations.

As to your question, I would say that stomach sleeping is not the preferred way to sleep for apneacs (new term?). Instead, back sleeping is more likely.
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RE: Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
Hi Smile

I suggest you try and relearn your sleeping position, I used to stomach sleep but a lower back prob made me change back to back and sides. But snoring I had to try to sleep on my side but now that I am having a SA trial I have to learn to sleep on my back.

HELP - Can any give me advice for a trial mask or other suggestions while my trial period is running for me would be welcome.

My sleep test gave a AHI of 48, but I have signs of a heart problem and day long fatigue tells me I have to do somerthing about my apnea.

I have lost 40% of my lung capacity due to Lung Fibrosis.
I am a mouth breather, I have some nasal restriction.
So far I have trialed:
F+P Simplus FF mask.
P!0  nasal pillow ( good result but xtreme leaks through my mouth)
F20 FF mask, ( varied results)

My AHI during the trial has ranged from 2.6 to 16.2.
Trialed auto then fixed to 12 cm
Upped pressure to 14 cm - my eyes are suffering a bit.
Tried taping my mouth.
Variable results from using a chin strap. ( It tends to slip through the night)

Tonight I wil go back and try the F+P Simplus mask but with a different chin strap and the 14 cm pressure.

The fact that I can get an AHI of 2 to 4 range gives me hope that there is a way to bring AHI to 5 or less, consistently.

Any suggestions while my trial period is on and I can change masks and talk it through with my sleep clinician.


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RE: Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
I'm a stomach, side, whatever sleeper. I use the P10, and large pillows to get enough air. Once I got my settings tweaked (a bit higher for more air right away) I was able to settle in fine. I move around so much we joke about the bedcovers not being attached. So, yes you can adapt to being an apneac and mobile while sleeping. My AHIs are consistently 0.5 for years now.
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RE: Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
I used to snore prior to being diagnosed with SA. Having started SA therapy, my snoring has stopped completely. 

All my wife hears now is an occasional leaking CPAP face mask. She says that I catch it pretty quick though and make the needed adjustments.  Cool
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RE: Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
wesozzzz, looks like you might want to start a new thread with your questions about your on treatment. Try a thread name that will be informative, e.g., newbie seeks mask advice. That way people who might help will be sure to read it.

And congratulations on seeing good improvement in your AHI. At some point, you might want to post a chart or two so the experts can try to help you fine-tune your therapy and get your AHI consistently closer to 3, 2, or???
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RE: Sleep Orientation with a CPAP
Thanks Dormeo Thanks 
I will look later and take it from there.
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