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Sleep Study Results HELP Please!
Here's the summary that they gave me. In the narrative report it states that a complete PSG with a digital sleep system using the international 10-20 electrode placement for recording.
The diagnosis was shallow and fragmented sleep with normal efficiency and mild nocturnal hypoexmia.
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Trying to post a picture of the summary and I'm having a difficult time. I don't use flicker or instagram.
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Use Imgur. Links in my signature below on how to use it.
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I'm reviving this thread for selfish reasons. In my own titration study from a year and a half ago there is a table showing various items at various EPAP pressures. I assume these were minimum EPAP pressures, although the table doesn't say that.

Anyway, the EPAP pressures tested were 5,6,7,8, and 9. At each pressure AHI, RERA index, RDI and Spontaneous Arousal Index are given. AHI was lowest (0.9) at EPAP=8. RERA was lowest (0.0) at EPAP=9. RDI was lowest (2.0) at EPAP=9. Spontaneous Arousal Index was lowest (0.5) at EPAP=7. It was second lowest (4.0) at EPAP=9. But it was highest, but a factor of three (12.8) at EPAP=8.

Nevertheless, my prescription was for EPAPmin=8. It's as if the doctor was looking only at AHI and ignoring the Spontaneous Arousals. Moreover, if they were completely independent of the pressure aspect of things, I wouldn't expect the Spontaneous Arousals to cluster so much around one EPAP setting.

I realize the titration study was just a single night, and far from a typical night's sleep, but still...

I did a lot of testing and logging of various settings over a year ago, and eventually settled on EPAPmin=8.5, based on AHI only, since that's what had daily measurements of. Looking back over my records, I only experimented with EPAP=9 for a few days, I don't remember why. It does make me wonder, however, whether I should experiment again.

I don't want to do so right away, since I'm still experimenting with adaptogen herbs, as described in a different thread. But the Spontaneous Arousals have had me puzzled, and my doctor isn't very helpful, frankly. I get the feeling they're not well understood but I still wonder why the EPAP prescription was 8 rather than 9, given the numbers they got.
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(06-20-2017, 11:34 PM)robysue Wrote: Two questions:

1) Do you know what criteria the lab used to score the hypopneas? There are two commonly used criteria. For most people it doesn't matter, but for a few people (like me) the difference between being scored under the "recommended" vs. "alternative" criteria for hypopneas can be the difference between having an AHI < 5 (no apnea) and an AHI > 20 (in my case).

2) Was the lab set up to score something called Respiratory Effort Related Arousals (RERAs)?  RERAs are NOT the same as hypopneas, but people with a lot of RERAs are said to have something called Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS) and UARS can cause a lot of the same daytime symptoms as OSA does.  However, most people with UARS don't tend to have major O2 desats---typically the RERAs in UARS are arousals that occur before the respiratory event has lasted long enough to be considered a hypopnea or involve a reduction in airflow that is not steep enough to be considered a hypopnea.

I had the same thing happen to me. By AHI, I was calculated at 18: moderate apnea. By CMS (Medicare) AHI, I'm at 5. The difference is a reflection of oxygen desat percentage per event. CMS AHI is calculated at ≥4, AHI at ≥3. It's very possible the same thing happened to you. Is that the whole of your sleep test?
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