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Sleep at clinic becomes pipe dream
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RE: Sleep at clinic becomes pipe dream
I have never had the in-lab test, but our sleep center hangs out on the 5th floor of the Marriott down-town - that is where I went to pick up the gear for my home study. I slept soooo crappy that night - like not at all for the first half and barely for the 2nd. The dr said to try to sleep on my back, but I have never slept on my back (can't breathe Big Grin ) so they got maybe 2 hrs of me sleeping out of the 8 and all on my side; I still managed to score high enough to get the cpap. I do wonder just how bad my apnea really is - my mostly deaf husband has been complaining about my snorting and gasping for years and I wouldn't listen Angry

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06-04-2015 06:23 PM
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RE: Sleep at clinic becomes pipe dream
(12-31-2014 03:40 PM)jpr Wrote:  My sleep study was the on the night of July 3/4th. They woke me up about 6 am and I felt great and haven't felt that good since.

Interesting comment as I have felt somewhat the same about it, but don't know if it's because they titrated me up to my optimal pressure of 12, and I was at the level for some time, or the dramatic difference in feeling in comparison to the day before without CPAP (more likely), or both.

All I can say is that I have felt very good or even great at pressures averaging less than 12cm, but I have recently titrated up nearly to that using AUTO, not straight CPAP.

Who knows, I may go straight 12cm eventually.

I did feel like a much younger man, perhaps in my 20's or 30's, after the titration study. I was 65 years of age and overweight with some health issues when the split-night study was performed.
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06-05-2015 03:01 PM
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RE: Sleep at clinic becomes pipe dream
I had a horrible sleep lab experience. I wish my Doctor had allowed me to take home the box. He said that my case is complicated so I had to go in to a sleep lab. I told him I have a difficult time sleeping in any bed but my own. He didn't care nor did he offer me a sleeping pill. I had to show up two hours before my tech got there, had I known I would have showed up late. They wanted me dressed for bed at 6pm. I did what they asked and thought oh well at least I can watch TV. Not so as the TV was broken in my room, so I sat staring at the wall for two hours. When my tech arrived and I found out I would be tethered to the bed with wires I became concerned as I have an enlarged prostate and Crohn's disease. The tech. looked horrified and said well you can yell for me I can hear you and I will come and unhook you so you can go to the bathroom. I am sure that they must have had other patients with Crohn's so I am not sure why he seemed so horrified but I guess my doctor didn't inform them that this could be a problem. Ok, I have rambled enough but long story short I didn't sleep more than two hours that night and it was just enough time so it can qualify as a complete study. I had got up at 4am and said ok I need to leave now. My tech said we just need 10 more minutes and you can go. So I layed there for ten minutes and said ok unhook me now please. He came in and seemed upset. I came in at 6pm that is my normal dinner time and I normally go to bet at 11:30pm, so at 4am I was extremely hungry and the bed was so hard that my back hurt to the point of making me sweat. I have severe spinal stenosis as well. He said the Doctor might want me to do another sleep study for CPAP titration. I told him there is zero chance of me ever coming back here, even if it means not going on CPAP. My doctor was smart and figured this out by my comments to the tech and ordered an auto CPAP for me. I wish that I had a better experience. Next time I will insist on taking the at home test if I should need another sleep test. I drove home half asleep with goo in my hair,a growling stomach, and hurting back.
06-06-2015 02:07 AM
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RE: Sleep at clinic becomes pipe dream
When I had my last sleep study, they told me try to keep a normal routine the day of the test. No restrictions on what to eat or drink. The comment made by my doc was we want this to match your normal lifestyle. (This was my third test as my then current DME went bankrupt and we were looking at a new machine). I got their about 8:30, checked in and was taken to a room. Queen size bed, TV, radio, all the comforts. Had several masks for me to try on and we went from there. Slept through the entire night and got a decent night's sleep and coffee and a bagel in the morning after I got cleaned up.

My insurance covered everything as the prior DME had never provided me with the replacement equipment they were supposed to, so I was considered a new user.

06-06-2015 12:28 PM
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