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Sleep machines and data
Hi all, firstly, new user, newly diagnosed and learning what I can here.

On my first visit to these forums a couple days ago I got the idea from a thread (which I cannot link) that my machine (ResMed Airsense 10) wouldn't provide any data other than usage. However, when I called in to have it switched to the Elite version the nurse I spoke with said it should have all of that data on the SD card. I gave it a go and found quite a bit. Now I just want to be certain its everything I should need. Within Sleepyhead I can see pressure + leaks, inhale/exhale times + rates, air volume, snore and of course the AHI + flags for apnea types. Does this sound like everything? Is there any reason I should request the Elite version otherwise? Thanks.
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Hi Solok and welcome to Apnea Board,
If you have the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet as stated in your profile, then you have all that you need. This is a fully data capable auto machine.

The Elite will also give you full data, but it is a straight pressure machine, meaning you can set it at one pressure. The Auto machines (Apap) will allow you to set a pressure range. You can also use the Apap in Cpap mode.

One question...are you using this APAP in Cpap mode?
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Took me a bit to figure out what you meant, still unsure tbh, but in SleepyHead it says "Mode: CPAP". I haven't changed anything but the humidifier setting, I'd set it to max but then the tube filled with water overnight and now its back at 4. I have requested the ClimateLine heated tubing. According to the data I did pretty well, averaged 1.5 over 6hrs from the 20 I had without the machine. However, if I may ask, do you feel like you never fully exhale with the machine running? Especially when I first put it on, I just feel like my lungs are ballooning.

Here's the settings from Sleepyhead:

PressureTherapy Pressure 11.00 cmH2O
Antibacterial FilterAntibacterial Filter No
Climate ControlClimate Control Manual
EPRResMed Exhale Pressure Relief Full Time
EPR LevelExhale Pressure Relief Level 3cmH2O
Humidifier StatusHumidifier Enabled Status On
Humidity LevelHumidity Level 4
MaskResMed Mask Setting Pillows
Patient AccessPatient Access Yes
RampRamp Enable Off
Smart StartMachine auto starts by breathing On
TemperatureClimateLine Temperature 27 ºC
Temperature EnableClimateLine Temperature Enable 2
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As OpalRose said, the S-10 Autoset is a data capable machine. They make it hard with all the "Airsense" marketing mumbo jumbo. Used to be the resmeds were named for a generational series (S-7 generation, then the S-8 generation, then the S-9 generation, and now the S-10 generation which for some reason they abandoned the naming schema. I still use it for the current generation because S-10 is a lot easier to say and type than Airsense 10). Used to be if you had an S-X Escape machine or Escape Auto, it was not fully data capable. If you had the S-X Elite or Autosets, they were data capable machines (at least as data capable as they could be for the S-8 and S-9 generations - don't know about earlier versions).

If you have the S-10 Autoset, you have the next machine up in the line from the S-10 Elite.

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Here, how to identify your CPAP machine:
[Image: ResMed-AirSense-10.png]
[should say "AutoSet, AutoSet for Her, Elite or CPAP"]
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Like most auto-CPAP machines, the Resmed Airsense Autoset can be set to CPAP mode. This means it provids one single pressure all night, although it can also use EPR (exhale pressure relief) which give a different inhale/exhale pressure. If you ever want to invoke Auto mode, you only need to enter the clinical menu and change the mode, and set a minimum and maximum pressure.

The Airsense 10 CPAP does not provide efficacy data, but that is not the machine you have. The Autoset will provide data regardless of the mode it is in.
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Hi Solok,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy and hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Given your "ballooning" feeling I suspect you would benefit from setting the machine in Auto mode with the EPR at 3 which if your pressure max was 11 would give you an exhale pressure of 8 (11 pressure - 3 EPR setting). Also, you might benefit from the ramp feature which gives you time to fall asleep before the pressure rises to therapeutic values. Ramp time can be adjusted. These are all comfort settings which you can play around with until you find your sweet spot for the best possible night sleep.
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Thank you all for the responses. Sonic, what exactly will the machine do differently when the mode is set to Auto? Would I set it to 8-11?

Ramp is on and set to Auto. I don't know why it says its off in my post above, I've double checked it. I think it may be a bug in sleepyhead but idk.
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You have a very capable and good CPAP/APAP machine. It can either be used as an CPAP (one pressure) or APAP (variable pressures). Perhaps the sleep Physician had reason to write your prescription for a single pressure of 11. And, yes, your machine can be set to be a APAP machine, either by you, your physician, or your DME. In the APAP mode, with your top or present pressure of 11, you might want to start with a pressure (as you say) an 8, (more comfortable) and then let the machine rise to a higher pressure, as needed, but would not exceed 11.
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