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Sleep report (prior test)
Hi folks,

I had a sleep test done a few years back and I'm thinking of getting a follow up test done 'coz I'm still always tired during the day & feel run down. The previous test results were a bit inconclusive, so I'm after some advice on whether it it worthwhile me following up or not. Previous results (over a period of 5 hours) were:

Sleep: Sleep architecture preserved, although there is a paucity of stage IV sleep. The patient has a significant number of arousals per hour of sleep (34.4).

Respiratory: Only occasional obstructive events are seen, only infrequently did they coincide with significant desaturations.

Other: Periodic limb movements were seen, causing arousals (8/h)

Conclusions: Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. Interestingly, about half the patient's significant number of arousals are not accounted for by sleep-related disordered breathing or limb movements. However, 34 arousals per hour are in keeping with this man's clinical presentation. AHI = 8.1 RDI = 10.4

Anyhow, I seem to be a weird case and I'm not sure whether becoming a hose-head is going to be of benefit. Any thoughts?
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Why were you not started on CPAP therapy after your sleep study?
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(01-15-2015, 09:52 PM)me50 Wrote: Why were you not started on CPAP therapy after your sleep study?

That was pretty much my fault - I didn't follow it up with the doctor at the time and he didn't either when I next saw him.
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Well, don't delay this time. Get the new sleep study and make sure you follow-up with your doc.
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I don't know what kind of DOC you had for your first sleep study but somebody dropped the ball with you because they should have been handing you a prescription or sending that prescription over to a DME immediately. if you don't have a copy of your other sleep study I would get one at some point so you have it for your records but you need another sleep study to see if there are any changes and like PollCat said, stay on top of your docl sleep center or whoever like ticks on animals until you get the results of your new sleep study and a prescription and the machine and once you get your sleep study post again and will help you out with making sure your not screwed by whatever provider will give you your new machine
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redler, I would get another sleep study done, the PLMD can be treated with meds, I have PLMD as well as sleep apnea but don't take the meds for it and find my CPAP has helped my PLMD. We can't say from that infomation whether you have Sleep Apnea or not, the Dr says you have 'Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnoea' but 'Only occasional obstructive events are seen, only infrequently did they coincide with significant desaturations'. which doesn't seem right. Either you have it or you don't. I would get another sleep study done either by the same Dr or another one, they are expensive in Australia but you can get some back on health insurance and some via Medicare. Keep us updated.
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Thanks for your advice peeplz... it is much appreciated!

Yeah I'm thinking I should get another up-to-date sleep study. I don't have to pay anything for it anyhow, since it will be covered under Medicare (here in Oz). On the downside I don't have private health care so I'll be up for the full cost if I have to get an APAP machine later.

I was just a bit curious about the very strange result I had last time, since there seems to be no doubt that I've been having lots of arousals and poor sleep, but only about half of them can be attributed to either apnoea events or PLMD. So what the heck is going on all the other times??? My SpO2 levels at worst were getting down to 87/88.

I've got an appointment with my doctor next week to get a referral so we'll have to see what comes out of an updated test. Maybe I shouldn't get so hung up on the old one and just move on. Cheers for now.
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Hi redler,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
When you get your next sleep study, be sure to follow through with the whole thing this time.
Much success to you this time around.
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how do I post a new topic on here I don't have a new topic button?
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Go here: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Forum-M...oard-Forum

Then click "New Thread."

By the way, welcome to Apnea board....... "A Tsunami Free Zone!"
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