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Sleep study last night
Hi everyone. I am a generally healthy 37 year old. I complained of snoring, morning headaches and high blood pressure in the mornings. My doctor suggested a sleep study. I went last night and it was a disaster. First off the tech did not hook me up until about 12:30 am even though I told her I am in bed by 10 pm every night. Then once I was hooked up, she would not let me use my phone, watch tv or anything. And they were waxing the floor to beat it all. About 1 am she told me lights out. Every time I fell asleep, I would snore and it would wake me up. She came in about 3:45 and told me if I didn't sleep it would be a waste of both of our time. I finally fell asleep around 4 ish and slept until a little after 5 am when she canme and woke me up and told me it was time to leave. She said I had 4 apnea periods during the time I slept but to qualify for c pap, I had to have at least 5 during the study. My question is, I only slept a litt bit, can they make a sleep apnea diagnosis form this short time? I am sure I would have more apnea episodes if I were allowed to continue to sleep a little longer. Am I going to have to redo this test or can the doctor make a recommendation for c pap just based off of that short amount of sleep time? Thanks! I am so confused and tired.......
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How is your insurance? High deductible and copay, or is it pretty good? It sounds like your sleep clinic did everything possible to ensure a poor atypical result. The results can sometimes surprise, so be patient. Get the sleep study results, and we can help you to understand them. If you choose to pursue CPAP therapy on your own, it's possible to get everything you need for well under $500. So don't let the medical system bully you.
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Thank you for your quick response. I have really good insurance with a low co pay. I didn't even need a prior authorization to get the sleep study. I hope my doctor can
" read between the lines" of a poor study and get me the help I need. I was hoping I only needed oxygen at night. My worst symptom was morning headache and high Blood pressure on waking. My BP was 106/62 before starting the study. When she checked it upon waking, it was 152/112. So I am definitely stressed when I sleep. My own trial of an overnight pulse of showed me going down to 80% as I drift off to sleep. I didn't get any info on my oxygen levels from the tech when I woke up. I will
Update once I get my results. I appreciate all the help!!!! Thanks!
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Sounds like a bad night. A night in a sleep lab is never a "normal" night. Your sleep tech is a "dim bulb."
I believe they can make a diagnosis of SA in a short time. As for accuracy of severity -- not so good.
The AHI is a rate. Like 30 miles per hour is a rate; you do not have to be driving 30 minutes to determine your speed is 30 MPH.

One would have to look up the exact criteria for a diagnosis of SA. Generally, an AHI of >5 is considered positive for SA.
Reading your post, you say you slept for just over an hour and had 4 events. (Let's just call it 1 hour) That would calculate to an AHI of 4/1 = 4.
Based on that, you would not meet the dx criteria. Likely you would have if given a chance to sleep longer.

In this case, you'll likely have to repeat. Frankly it should be at the expense of the sleep lab.
Perhaps, depending upon your doctor and insurance, you can do a home test.

Best Wishes, Mongo

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thank you! I hope I don't need a repeat, but if that is what I have to do to feel better, then I will do it. Will update soon with my results.
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Hi Momajo79,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm sorry you had such a bad night last night. Sleep studies are tenuous at best and the sleep tech you had wasn't very attentive to your needs.
I wish you good luck on your apnea journey, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Hi everyone. I finally got my results from my sleep study. Here are my numbers
10 OBS and 2 mixed apneas for an AHI of 10.7
29 RERA ( respiratory event related arousals) , RDI 19.3
REM AHI 44.4 vs non R.E.M. 6.4
Lowest desaturation 89% at 30 seconds
Total arousal index 25.2/hour
Frequent PVC's
Impression : OSA especially severe in R.E.M.

Recommends titration study. So now my question is, what kind of machine, mask etc or advice would you give me? I have never used a cpap. Also, would an apap be recommended or not in your experience for my situation? Thanks everyone for the time you have taken to help me.
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Your diagnostic study recommends a titration study. You should accept that if you have good insurance with low deductibles and copay. They will place you on PSG leads again and evaluate what pressure works best to minimize events. If you have high personal costs, or do not tolerate clinical studies well, you should refuse the clinical titration and request an Auto CPAP for self titration.

Auto CPAP is a better choice for most people because a single titration simply does not capture the variability that is likely to occur in time. Colds, weight gain or loss and many other factors can cause changes in optimal pressure. Auto CPAP accommodates those changes, and of course can operated in fixed CPAP mode as well.

I would recommend either the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset, or Philips Dreamstation Auto. They both offer very good data and are highly supported and well known machines.
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I second what Sleeprider said. I will add that you start cpap as soon as you can.

The morning head ache is a bad sign. I wish I had started cpap much sooner.

You will find lots of good information on this forum.


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As other said, get one of the recommended auto cpap machines and/or a 2nd sleep study for the titration part. Definitely have the sleep center pay for it for the unproductive/unprofessional 1st study.

Possible high pressure. I had headaches in back of the lower head/neck area during the day, eventually they were off/on throughout the day, night and upon waking. Had high blood pressure at a clinic and confirmed when checked regularly afterwards.
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