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SleepWeaver Mask
My wife and I both use the sleep-weaver, I can't say how much it helps my wife, but when I tried hers, my AHI went from a 15-20 every night, down to a 0-1 - it was LOT better than any other mask. I just got mine, and the stupid DME took out the headgear!!! - so fighting with them to get it back without having to wait 3-months.

The have an "advanced" version of it which does seem to seal better - that is what I have, my wife just has the standard version of it.

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(09-06-2012, 09:30 PM)w7sot Wrote: I just got mine, and the stupid DME took out the headgear!!!

WTH is up with that?! Why would he do that?
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I just got a Sleep weaver a week or so ago, my doc said that a lot of his patients were trying them. The mask works surprisingly well considering its just fabric I've used it 3 or 4 nights and once I was asleep I had no problems. I had no "detectable" leaks, i.e I couldn't hear anything, but I would get a faint "breeze" that would blow into my eyelashes and drive me nuts, I could fix the leak by pinching the mask as per the instructions and this would work until I wiggled my nose, etc. I can see where face/nose shape, eyelash length, etc would affect this mask. Last night I heaved the mask across the room and put on my old nasal pillows because I wasn't in the mood to mess with the thing after 10 minutes of pinching. I was happy with my nasal pillows so going back isn't an issue for me, but I'll give the sleep weaver another chance this weekend, after I experiment with the straps a little more in the daylight.
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I took a flier and purchased the Sleepweaver elan from supplier 20. Yep, I'm Canadian and supplier 20 does not honor the 30 day refund guarantee offered by Circadiance (Sleepweaver manufacturer), supplier 1 and other online US suppliers.

I've seen a lot of 30 day guarantees but nothing like Circadiance’s. The clock starts when the mask is shipped and ends 30 days later. In other words, the mask must be returned 30 days after the supplier ships it or you're SOL. A supplier 1 Rep verified this to me.

Furthermore, I spoke with Don at Circadiance who told me the 30 day refund guarantee was decided in order to accommodate people having to deal with long shipping times. Fair enough. Order from a US supplier because a foreign supplier doesn't honor the guarantee. Perhaps because Circadiance doesn't offer the refund guarantee to foreign suppliers. It wasn't offered to supplier 20 unless their Rep was misinformed.

Purchase from supplier 1 or others who offer the refund guarantee. Mask arrives after a week and a bit. Try it for a night or two. No go. Send it back and hope it arrives before the 30 day clock expires. If it doesn't because of customs delays or other factors beyond the customer's control, you're not only stuck with a useless mask but it’s price increased by the shipping and return shipping to and from the US supplier.

I currently have a separate order placed with supplier 1. It's been on order for a week. It's stuck in customs for I don't know how long. I may or may not receive it next week. How much time does that leave me if that order was the Circadiance Sleepweaver elan and I had to return it within 30 days? Too close for comfort. Thus, I ordered the elan from the Canadian supplier (20) who got it to me in two days and charged the same or less than I would have paid supplier 1.

A reasonable refund guarantee is in order. The clock starts when the customer receives the product and continues until either the supplier is contacted for an RMA (return merchandise authorization) or the 30 days expires..

C'mon Circadiance, be fair to all purchasers. Otherwise, expect to lose sales from purchasers who cannot be fully certain that they have ample time to try the mask and return it within 30 days of supplier shipment..

You have a unique mask and concept that deserves a prominent place among CPAP masks. I like what you're doing and I want you to continue with further mask development.

I want the larger manufactures to know that their place at the top of the pillar has to be earned from more than longevity and familiarity. You and others who are more innovative deserve more market share.

Gain more market share by offering a reasonable 30 day refund guarantee that allows customers the safety that comes with knowing we can try the mask for a reasonable period and be assured that a refund is guaranteed.

I intend to review this mask in the review forum after sucking on it for a night or two.

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It's made out of fabric based materials, so it's quite comfortable to wear, unlike other ordinary nasal masks are made of solid plastic type material, nothing rough will press against your facial skin.
I've been using it for 2 nights and I found my mask air leakage factor is reduced drammatically, and I wouldn't go back to Mirage SoftGel mask which I kept yanking it out during sleep.
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(06-26-2012, 08:20 PM)JJJ Wrote: It's fairly new, and it looks enticing. If anyone has tried it I'd love some feedback.

I got the sleepweaver elan 5 days ago. Was going to return
Machine as I am allergic to latex and silicone (Plastics) this
Is a life saver for me
Will keep machine now
Alex g
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I purchased a Sleepweaver elan to use as a travel mask, and I have used it for about a week. The Mirage Activa is a large, bulky mask that doesn't fit well into my CPAP travel bag. It gave me some trouble when I housesat for my sister for a few nights last month. She was unsure of her schedule; I ended up leaving my bags in the trunk of my car overnight in cold weather. To avoid unpacking and having to pack again the next day, I used my backup machine that night with a Mirage Swift, which is discontinued. I think I need the large pillows but I don't have any.

The Activa’s hard plastic pieces were intact when I arrived (I was afraid they would break), but the silicone of the mask cushion was deformed from being jammed into the travel bag, causing a severe leak. This would have been disastrous if I hadn't known about boiling mask cushions with baking soda (although I was close enough to drive home to pick up a spare if I really had to).

In the past week, I've had a few nights with some of the best sleep I've had in a long time, where I've thought about switching to the Sleepweaver elan permanently. I've also had a couple of really awful nights where I wanted to send the elan back. The weather has been warm one day and cold the next, and I recently started heating my hose with a Repti heat cable, which may account for the restless nights I’ve had. I'm thinking about using the elan for another week before I put it away in my travel bag, since I haven’t made up my mind about it yet.

The first time I tried to use the elan, the fabric collapsed against my nostrils, cutting off the airflow. I switched to the large cushion and I haven’t had that problem again. I had considerable difficulty adjusting it to eliminate leaks the first night, but it gets easier each night.

I don’t like having to readjust the headgear every time I clean the mask cushion; however, the elan is an easy mask to clean with only a few parts. The headgear attaches directly to the mask cushion through four slits cut in nylon fabric. I have to wonder how durable the attachment points are.

The mask seems to stay in position on my face reasonably well, although the first few nights I was waking up every two hours, needing to readjust it. It has to be adjusted while the machine is running. I found that my AHI was skewed up to about 7.5. When I looked at my detailed data, I found that there were a large number of events recorded while adjusting it. I’ll have to wait until next week to see what my true AHI is.

Last night, I woke up to a large leak after two hours. When I reached up to adjust it, the hose popped off the mask. It turned out that I had put it together improperly. When I couldn’t find the missing washer, I switched masks, giving me two masks to clean today.

The jury is still out on the Sleepweaver elan, but at worst, it makes a better backup mask than my ill-fitting Mirage Swift. I’ll post again in a week.
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It looks like the Sleepweaver elan is a keeper. Once I figured out how to get the headgear adjusted on the first try by measuring the straps, I wake up feeling refreshed. I would like to mark the headgear with ink, but it's black. Small adjustments make a big difference with this mask.

My S8 is still sometimes reporting a high AHI number with the elan. I think my data is getting skewed since older ResMed machines are known to overreport AHI. In particular it's reporting a lot of hypopneas while I'm still awake. I know I'm breathing smoothly, and the machine would not report hypopneas while wearing the Mirage Activa. The best I can figure, the mask can deflate or reinflate since it's made of fabric. I think the S8 may be reporting this as hypopneas.

Only one issue remains--I am unable to wear the elan with a chinstrap since I cannot adjust it to eliminate leaks, whether I put the chinstrap on before or after the mask. The mouth leak only becomes bothersome about one a week or once every two weeks, so I can live with it since I'm using the elan as an alternate mask.
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:grin: I am a newbie to CPAP and this is my first post. In the last month I have tried 4 different masks including an:

1. old Resmed Swift ( while waiting for my full face mask to arrive),

2. Resmed Quattro FX, ( recommended by sleep lab as I sometimes mouth breath) - I would keep breaking the seal when I moved from side to side and would often get annoying itched on the face where I could not scratch. AHI usual around 5. I would get about. 4 hours sleep and would then wake and not be able to settle again. Would also get stiff neck from trying not to dislodge mask when side sleeping.

3. Newer Swift FX nasal pillow with Resmed chin strap. Chin strap would quickly dislodge, pillows were good, however would feel sweat on top lip - maximum 4 hours sleep and then would not be able to resettle. AHI around 5. Would get a lot of leaks though.
Thankfully after only wearing the chin strap for about a week, somehow I don't seem to mouth breath anymore so no longer use the chinstrap.

4. Swift Fx with Bella straps. Loved the Bella straps however would dislodge the pillow when moving from side to side. Would still get neck pain.
Found some good advice about routing hose over the head on this forum and this definitely help with leaks from dislodges.

In desperation I ordered another shipment from USA ( supplier 2). Ordered CPAP PapPillow - hoping to fix the neck and dislodge issue, a Swift LT (to help with the hose over head fix) and a sleepweaver advance as I had nothing to loose (except more money).

When the shipment arrived I decided to try the Sleepweaver first. Unbelievable! I took a little research to fit the mask first time - so don't start to try it when you are tired and wanting to sleep - have a play when you have some time and patience. The videos are helpful. Within about 40 minutes I had the mask working well. I slept for 8 hours straight that first night! AHI under 1 and Leaks also under 1 Smile. AHI and sleeptime and leaks have continued to be excellent results.

I now spend a lot less time adjusting the mask since seeing a video that mentioned that these cloth masks need a pressure of around 7 to seal well. I had my pressure set from 4 to 10 with an average pressure of around 7. I adjusted my minimum pressure to 6 and took off ramp. This has been the biggest win with this mask. My mask now seals much better on settling. Been sleeping for 7 or more hours with an AHI under 1 and low leaks for over a week now!

I am completely sold on the fabric mask. I have not needed to use the PaPillow or to try the Swift LT so I cannot comment on them.

The climate Line is heavy and does create drag with the sleepweaver Advance. That can be annoying. I believe that getting the featherlight short tube may assist with this issue. The Advance cannot be easily routed overhead which may have been able to take some of the line weight off the mask. For this reason I will probably try the Elan - that has a 360 degree swivel and can be routed overhead and I do think I prefer overhead hose for freedom to move from side to side.

I hope this review helps. The sleepweaver mask has definitely help me to remain on CPAP during the difficult first month. I am so glad I kept persisting for what worked best for me.
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Welcome to the forum!!! We are glad you joined us!!! Welcome

Glad you are having good success with the SleepWeaver. Sleep-well
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