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Sleeping Soundly on CPAP But Not Dreaming
Prior to my beginning CPAP, I had many telling me I would start dreaming again. I have been on CPAP for almost two months and I am sleeping soundly and better than I have in years. I don't wake up at all through the night once I get to sleep. I have no complaints! I can't however say I have/remember dreams. Maybe I can count on one hand dreams I kind of sort of remember. Not really vivid though. I have often heard you remember dreams that take place just before you wake up. Should I assume I probably am dreaming but just not waking up at a time when I would remember them?

I had a followup last week since beginning CPAP and the sleep doctor said things look great and I am doing well on therapy. I have especially thought this week how different I feel at work. I feel rested and more energized. What a pleasure. I didn't know how lousy I was feeling until now that I don't. We were on holidays and winter break where I work for much of the time between my beginning CPAP and now. I am just discovering how different I feel at work now.

Just curious about the dreams I don't remember. Thinking-about Nothing I am 'losing sleep over' though! Grin
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Most likely you are entering REM sleep where dreaming occurs.
Sometimes we remember our dreams and sometimes we do not.

With improved sleep quality, the body's hormones that follow a circadian rhythm may still be adjusting.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thanks justMongo. I do have an insomnia problem when I go to bed and have been given a sleep medication. I tried Melatonin as was suggested in the beginning but it didn't help. I have a mild sleep medication now that isn't expected to cause problems long term nor problems with building up tolerance. I am hoping to wean myself off it though and try Melatonin again. I know Melatonin helps retrain circadian rhythm. I have tried some nights recently not taking the sleep medicine but no success getting to sleep. We were on vacation though and not in my own surroundings. The space for set up of my CPAP was not ideal either causing more discomfort than I would have at home. I wish hotels would recognize the need for more space on night stands and enough nearby outlets to accommodate CPAP machines.
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Hi ImaSurvivor,
Could be that you are still adjusting to the CPAP. It sounds like you are doing well, CONTINUED SUCCESS.!
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You're probably dreaming but not remembering. I'm dreaming........ Last night my Broncos were playing New England in the Super Bowl in Seattle! And try as I might, I was unable to find the game on tv! How frightening is that!!!

But I love my cpap. It's not the most comfortable experience in the world, but I'm actually sleeping on my back as well as my side. I haven't been able to sleep on my back since probably forever.

So the dreams are fine, even if a little scary.
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LoL retired_guy! Here's a bit of a dreamy news for you! Brady left practice this week due to being sick Wink He hasn't missed practice all season! I am rooting for the Peyton and the Broncos as well. I agree that would be a nightmare not to find it on tv. We are football fans in our household too. Bill's fans because we are loyal to the team in our area but they break my heart every year. Ugh! I am not a fan of the Patriots, Red Sox, or Bruins (most recently on my dislike list because they lost a sizable bet for me in Vegas ... ho hum!). I am a Yankee fan so there is no way I can be a Red Sox Fan. And the Patriots and Brady annoy me.

Glad all is going well with CPAP for you. I agree it isn't the most comfortable but I can't argue with the results I am getting already. My family is exceedingly happy with a quiet atmosphere particularly when on vacation where there is no place for them to retreat.

Enjoy the game this weekend! Smile
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Before CPAP, my dreams were bad and scary ... I don,t miss them oldman
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maybe you don't remember your dreams b/c you wake up and have to get ready for work and don't focus on them. maybe you can think about them when you wake up and write it down so you can watch to see if you have them.
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I have been able to lucid dream for a long time. Since successful CPAP
under 1 for nights, I find I don't remember dreams as well because
I don't wake up as much as before.
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I actually dream less now that I'm on CPAP. Or rather, I think I'm still dreaming as much or even more, but I don't remember it because I'm not waking in the middle of dreams.
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