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Sleepless in Seattle
I would roll with the current settings for at least 3 more nights, and see how it turns out.  It was quite interesting that the CA events reduced as changes usually result in slight increase for a couple days.

Can you also re-post Jul 10 and Jul 9 with these new screen settings?

I noticed that RERA is much higher with adjustment to CFlex = 3, and would be interesting to see if these subside.  These are real arousals that are due to respiration efforts.  It is no wonder that night felt like a beating.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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I'll get those other dates up with the new Y axis. Just thought of one other thing! I turned the humidifier of last night in the provider screen. I left the humidifier tank attached but it was empty and dry. Could this have effected the machine functionality? I remember reading something that if you choose not to humidify that you should detach the unit and use the direct plug into the DreamStation primary unit.

Not sure if this might have an effect but it sure is interesting how high my AHI spiked and like you noticed not many CA events at all mostly other events.

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Hello all,

Fast update. My AHI had been stable under 1 for several weeks and I was feeling good each morning. The last week or ten days it has gone up to around two and I feel less rested. No changes to any settings, gear or environment. I'm also having RERA and flow limits so the RDI is even higher. My doctor feels a fixed pressure is what I need and I'm thinking of giving this a try.

Should I stay in Auto and just set min max the same or go to CPAP mode. If I switch modes what effect will CFlex+ have? Is it similar to Aflex? I tried Cflex one night and actually like the feel better but my AHI was way higher almost 4 compaired to less than one at the time.

Any suggestions would be great. I'm getting there with some ups and downs.

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Hello all,

Here is an update. As some may have read from other threads I have been adjusting my pressures in search of a better night sleep. I had been on a fixed setting of 9 with Aflex 1 but have changed to 8.5 fixed with no flex of any kind.  These screen shots are of a typical night with both of these setups. Not a bad AHI but I never really feel rested.

These are for the 9 fixed with Aflex 1.

Full night.


Up close of events. 


Normal breathing.


These are for 8.5 fixed no flex.

Full night.


Up close events.


Normal breathing.


I had better AHI consistency with 9 fixed and Flex1 than with 8.5 fixed no flex. I have had a few nights with 8.5 no flex that were miraculous night sleeps which never occurred at the former settings. I have issues with Aerophagia which have been helped with the lower pressure and I think turning flex off. I have tried fixed no flex at 9 but blow up like a balloon. I have been playing with a sleep tracker and have found that my amount of time in REM and deep sleep have been trending upward with the lower pressure and no flex but at this point these findings are far from scientific.

Can anyone find anything interesting with my screen shots that might provide a clew as to which way I might go? Any help is always most appreciated.

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To tell you the truth I don't see anything wrong with your charts or numbers.
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Walla Walla,

Thanks for the input. I know I'm close and might actually be near my best but still appreciate a second set of eyes.

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