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SleepyHead 1.0.0-beta-2 merging two nights into one, and other sudden weirdness
I've been using SleepyHead v1.0.0-beta-2 for nearly 10 days now. This has been my first experience looking at my machine's data. First I did a bulk import directly from my SD card, now I'm using a FlashAirIII card to transfer over WiFi using a Windows network mapped drive pointing to the card. Importing has been seamless, until yesterday.

Two days ago, I got my brand new CMS50IW Pulse Oximeter. Before I used it, I used the software to time-sync the device with my PC. I also started/ended my Auto-BPAP & the PulseOx recording at the same time.

Yesterday was my first day with data, so I attempted to import it. Initially, I missed some of the directions and I attempted to import the data directly from the device instead of pointing to a saved .SpO2 file. I also chose the time-sync option saying I started both devices at the same time, even though things looked kind of weird at that point because the clock said ~03:00 instead of ~23:00. After that, all my DreamStation data was smushed to the left, and my CMS data went on for something like 35 hours.

After realizing my mistake, I purged the CMS data (Data > Advanced > Purge Oximetry Data > Current Days) and attempted to reimport with manual time settings, but nothing looked right. Eventually I realized I was supposed to import from the .SpO2 file. At this point, I stopped keeping track of all the fiddling I was doing in between purging daily CMS data and purging daily DreamStation data. Eventually, using manual time-entry to sync the time (not the first time I tried that), I had good DreamStation & CMS data that lined up. I left it at that for yesterday.

Today, I logged in and tried looking at yesterday's data. Sure enough, it was back to smushed DreamStation data and elongated CMS data. I re-purged everything for those days. When I was done, it looked like the top picture here. Nice and clean.

Then I closed SleepyHead with the X in the upper-right, and then reopened it. I didn't import anything-- I just went straight to daily view. Then I noticed that my Oximetry data had magically reappeared (notice the red dates in the 2nd picture, along with the daily views showing the CMS sessions dates/times in the 3rd and 4th pictures).

What is causing my Oximetry data to reappear like this? I even tried running in SleepyHead as an administrator, and that didn't make a difference when I purged the same Oximetry Data.

I need to figure this part out before I can move in and begin trying to figure out why my Oximetry data isn't always lining up correctly even with manual time entry.

Also, I don't know if it's related or not, but previously my Prescription Settings Changes in the Statistics tab have only had 1 line. Suddenly after messing with this stuff yesterday, I noticed I have 9 lines of Prescription Changes that don't seem to make any sense. Some of them are only 1 day long, and the Mode keeps swapping between Fixed Bi-Level and Auto Bi-Level (Variable PS). I even saw straight CPAP in there one time, but that's disappeared at this point. The pressure settings remain the same on all these lines. So weird!
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The direct oximetry import is a known bug in SH 1.0. It seems to miss the termination character during import. I've found that you can import the data from the .SpO2 file but will lose the perfusion index data.

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Right-- that's the part I figured out. But how can I clean up my days so that the Oximetry data doesn't keep coming back after I purge it?
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There's probably an easier way but look in the SH data directory->Profiles->Username->CMS50_? directory for the events and delete these. If you decide to try this, make a backup of the data first. I haven't tried this before. If I think of anything else, I'll post it.

Edit: If you go back to the days that the SpO2 import messed-up and re-import (real word?) the data from the .SpO2 file it should overwrite the bad data. I realize that if you have more than a few days then this idea is totally worthless.
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(06-30-2016, 07:38 AM)Crimson Nape Wrote: There's probably an easier way but look in the SH data directory->Profiles->Username->CMS50_? directory for the events and delete these.

Perfect! This worked great. While I was at it, I modified some of my XML files to remove all references to the Oximetry device since it had erroneously created two different entries (I don't know why, but probably related to when I tried directly importing in the first place). Then I restarted SleepyHead over and over and the Ox data never came back =)

Now with that situation stabilized, I'm on to my next issue. Even though I synched my Ox to my computer prior to first use, SleepyHead reads the first SpO2 file as starting at 3:06 AM on *28* June instead of 23:06 AM on *27* June. Even when I check the box saying that I started both at the same time, and then I manually adjust the time to 23:06, it doesn't bring the date backwards with it. This perfectly explains why my previous data import stretched across days. In this case, my 27 June data just jumped right up into 28 June. Double checking this, I slept longer on 27 June than 28 June and sure enough, the newly imported Ox data that was erroneously assigned to 28 June stretches outside the boundaries of the 28 June xPAP data.

So does anyone know how to modify the DATE of incoming SpO2 data? Correcting time, alone, is not good enough.
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" 3:06 AM on *28* June instead of 23:06 AM on *27* June. " sounds kinda like the difference between your own local time zone, and GMT (Grenwich Mean Time). Is there a setting for "use local time" somewhere .... anybody?
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Resmed's allow the time to be set. It's in the clinician menu area. P-R's are set at the factory to GMT and will drift over time. SleepyHead allows you to adjust to the local time for these models.
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I apologize for butting in since I can't offer help to shawn42. Replies to him suggest responders will point the way to a full solution for him that could help me. A search brought me to this thread.

I have related problems I've unsuccessfully tried to rectify in the A10 clinician area. Upon attempting to match (retard) A10's across-the- dateline date to California's date I get the message that one cannot do that. I think the date mismatch affects shawn42 and me.

Two situations have me stumped. My fix/"solution" is to arrange my (retiree) sleep schedule to fit. Troubles arise when sleeping-time spans across either the time of local noon or local midnight.

First, the lower frequency/severity problem. If up too late before sleeping and I want to sleep past local noon, I must set an alarm and awaken before noon to stop the air flow and then leave machine stopped, but not powered off, while continuing my sleep without the mask (unless I reawaken, say, an hour later and can then turn flow back on). Otherwise, data for compliance reporting and SH disappears, as I recall--something having to do with how the A10 is polled for data through its internal wireless at local noon.

Second, the more disruptive problem. If I go to sleep before local midnight I cannot get my CMS50I data to appear in SH after midnight. If I always delay putting on the mask until after midnight there is no problem with display of my SpO2, Pulse rate and Perfusion Index. I am careful to start the A10 and CMS50I nearly simultaneously and to synchronize CMS data to the A10 clock. (That clock drifts badly so I reset the minutes frequently, the CMS once in a while too).

I'd like to eliminate these problems or learn a better work around. Any help would be appreciated.
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