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SleepyHead Graph display problem
When I first loaded SleepyHead, the graphs looked OK. Now the displayed graphs are not displaying the information along the Y and X axis's correctly and I can not find a fix. Please look at two screen examples here (jpg photos):


Anyone have this same problem or suggested fix?


Dell Inspiron Desktop W/ 64-bit operating system
Windows 7 Home Premium
Samsung  Display S27C230 set at 1920 X 1080 resolution
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Right click on the daily graphs and reset graph layout. If other anomalies are present, you can use the menu item Data to rebuild CPAP data. This appears to be a graph layout problem.
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do you have an Intel-chipset-graphics-card by any chance?

use the broken-GL.exe ... it should be somewhere around "C:\Program Files (x86)\SleepyHead\SleepyHead-BrokenGL.exe" (you really get used to it after the second time^^)

(yeah, I can imagine that the open-GL so far worked without problems - might also in the future - looks really like an "open-GL" thingy - the broken-GL version should ALWAYS work as supposed to and should fix your problem instantly and completely!)
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I get no response when I right-click on the "Daily" tab, either at the top left, the "Daily" icon in the navigation bar on the right, or on any graph. Maybe I am not understanding the instruction here. I had already tried the "rebuild CPAP data" menu from the DATA tab before I posted today, and again just now. I also tried the "Reset Graph layout" from the View tab but got nothing here either.

 I am studying the suggestion offered by TBMx and will post the results. The graphics card is a Dell stock Intel® G41 Express chipset video card. If you look at my previously posted graphs from Sleepriders reply #14, to my “Un-happy face sleep report” post, or at ( http://imgur.com/a/VWHBw ), you can see that it was working OK then. I will try the broken-GL.exe and see what happens.
Thanks, Joe
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Although I got this message, running the broken-GL.exe file worked instantly. Thanks.

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Ok, I think I got it figured out. There are two .exe files in the SleepyHead program folder of C:\Program Files (x86). The shortcut installed by the Sleepyhead install, calls C:\Program files(x86)\SleepyHead\SleepyHead.exe and runs. But my version is now failing to display my graphs correctly. As TBMx pointed out, the broken-GL version of SleepyHead.exe will work-a-round this problem. I don't know what the real fix is but my Norton anti-virus protection program won't let me download and install a fresh copy of Open-GL; but running the C:\Program Files (x86)\SleepyHead\SleepyHead-BrokenGL.exe works. If you have this problem, you can right-click on the desktop SleepyHead Icon shortcut, then, choose properties, then add "-BrokenGL" to the link shown in the shortcut (or delete and enter the full path "C:\Program Files (x86)\SleepyHead\SleepyHead-BrokenGL.exe", to load and run SleepyHead.   

This also fixed another problem I was seeing. As I would scroll down the graph page, the displayed graphs would black out, then reappear as the page scrolled. A problem another poster had an issue with too. This may very well fix his problem too. Joe
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from what I can tell this problem arises only in the specific combination of:
windows + intel-chipset-geraphic + sleepyHead. (I haven't heard from anyone else needing the broken-GL version)

the very same graphic-chipset runs fine on linux (OK - not all of them) - so this has to be a driver problem. not all intel-graphic-chipsets are affected - the newer ones seem to work fine. these cards are all capable of open-gl-support (which SH states correctly on the first start of the broken-GL) but due to intel not updating the drivers for chipsets and thus beeing stuck with an not so up-to-date reference driver from microsoft your are left with such behavior.
(so there is actually nothing you can do as an end-user to fix that - other than using the broken-GL - trying to get the newest chipset and graphic driver is always a good start - but don't get your hopes up)

what makes it even more odd is the fact that it may run a very long time without any problems. As the "real" open-GL version runs without any problems on 'new' and fully open-gl-capable cards it seems that this is not a "real bug" in sleepyhead - but an intel-problem, meaning intel's implementation of open-gl.

As I'm stuck in exactly the same situation I do as follows:
I use the "normal open-GL" version always - even if the display glitches show up - the program itself and the import work! - it's really just a display-glitch.
whenever these glitches show up I close down sleepyhead (not killig it - closing it the usual way!) and reopen my profile with the broken-GL version and keep on doing where I left.

(A complete restart of windows (complete as in contrast to "fast startup") fixes it for a while as well; having graphics intense programs open at the very same time as sleepyhead do make the glitches worse^^)
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I had had a problem with my Summary graphs locking up.
This resolved that issue.
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I am having the graph display problem but the fixes recommended did not work.  I don't see the graphs at but on the overview tab I do see data in tabular format.  Any suggestions on now to fix?

I'm using the surface book and windows 10.
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Hi Patanne - Welcome

Please take a screen capture and upload it to imgur.  You can post the link here by putting a space in the address.

Example (not a real url):
Actual: http://mylink.lnk  

Post it as: http://  mylink.lnk
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