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SleepyHead User Flags: Should I be using them?
So for the past few nights I've been having perfect 0.0 AHI results but am still groggier during the day than I expected (better than before therapy, but not dramatically so). Although I know that for some people it takes a good amount of time to notice great improvements, my "perfect" score seems too good to be true. I'm wondering if there are a number of "near-events" that aren't being flagged, and that perhaps they're preventing me from getting into a deeper sleep, or even are briefly waking me up in such a way that I can't remember it. Are there any recommended user flags that I should set up to keep any eye out for this sort of thing?

Also, FWIW, my previous 34 AHI diagnosis consisted mostly of hypopneas and not full-on OAs, in case that informs what I should be looking for.
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Does your machine flag RERA?

It is possible to have sleep disruptions without registering an apnea event. It is also possible for the Resmed machines to not record events due to a software glitch that can be resolved by fully removing power for 30 seconds and allowing the machine to reboot. You might want to do that just to make sure.
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It does seem to record RERAs but it's only flagged 1 in about a two week period. What I was suggesting is not that it's malfunctioning, but that events might be occurring but they fall just short of the threshold of an "official" event. For example, let's say a cessation in breathing must be 10s or longer to get flagged as a CA. What if I had a bunch of them lasting only 9 seconds? Or if a hypopnea means falling below 50% of breathing volume for 10s but I only fall to 55%. That sort of thing. I know there will be variations and to some extent that's to be expected in even healthy non-apnea people, but I was wondering if many people have created custom flags to highlight these "almost events" and have used that data to their advantage.
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If your machine was purchased after June 2015 it should record RERAs. Here is a good thread on setting up the user flags.


Mine are Red and Light Red (almost tan) colored.
[Image: screenshot-20151002-065404.png]

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

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