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SleepyHead and DreamStation Auto CPAP
Someone sent me a DreamStation Auto BiPAP SD card image, thanks.

Unfortunately Encore won't touch it. The data structure is different enough that I doubt there's any quick trick to make SleepyHead do anything with it.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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I see there is a new post (Dec 12, 2015) about EncorePro, saying that a DreamStation-usable version is now available.

Two questions:

1. Can anyone comment on how EncorePro compares with SleepyHead in terms of usability, display of data, etc.? My understanding is that EncorePro does not work with Macs, but a Mac is what I have. To use EncorePro, I'd need to buy an additional computer, learn Windows, etc., and I'm trying to decide if this is anything I want to even consider. The usability and value of EncorePro will help me weigh the headache against the benefits.

2. Does anyone have a way of finding out from JediMark whether a modification to SH is in the works that will permit use of DreamStation?--and if the mod is in the works, when the likely release date will be?

Thank you!
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I would not recommend EncorePro with a Mac as it is a huge program with a large runtime version of SQL Server. The resource overhead is huge as a result of the SQL. The program is intended to track therapy information of many patients served by a corporate DME or similar large practice. As a result, the program is password protected to start. I have no experience trying to run this with a Mac, but it is not "easy" to install and run even in Windows.

In terms of data, the program is capable of downloading all compliance data from a machine SD card, and will download therapy information for the most recent week. It downloads only one-day of waveform data. Information is viewed or reported using a PDF format that includes compliance, 7-days of efficacy data (AHI, pressure, leaks) and summary statistics. It is the same data displayed by EncoreBasic, except it includes the newer machines. Downloading weekly can give complete data, as long as you remember to do it. On the positive side, this is the data your doctor is most accustomed to seeing, and most don't want to see more than a sample of your data, as compared to the complete data for every day provided by Sleepyhead. For established users, this is also plenty of information, but I think for new-users the difficulty of the program with the total absence of support, makes this a poor choice.

If this is the only option you have to view your data, then give it a try. Otherwise, EncoreBasic is more user friendly and can produce the same reports for your doctor, and Sleepyhead is still the best option to view and analyze data over a long period of time, zoom in on short-term events and produce screenshots.
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I understand Mark is perhaps working on getting the Dreamstation data to work with Sleepyhead. On the other forum, this was posted by "Grayghost4", who frequently communicates on a chat line with Mark:

Quote:Mark is trying to get back to coding Sleepyhead to work with the Dream station.
He needs data and reports from people that have the software from Phillips, Encore software and the Dream station.

Things like documented settings changes, with each setting toggled and the most recent xxxxxxx.001 file name noted next to it would help, then a copy of that data.

anyone that can help PM me or add to this post
It will take some effort on your part to make change to the machine ... print the Encore report ... and include it in a folder with the data from the SD card ... and do it over several time with different changes, into different folders.
and then compress the data and send it off to Mark.

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Encore Pro does not work at all on Mac OS. However, it would probably work in a virtual machine on a Mac or if you install Bootcamp and boot into Windows.

Are you familiar with VirtualBox, Parallels, or Boot Camp? These let you install Windows on a Mac. Encore Pro would probably run that way. I don't know how hard they are to install on a Mac. Encore Pro and Microsoft SQL server is a pain to install on a real Windows PC, so I don't know how hard it will be to install.

Re: Updated version of SleepyHead for DreamStation.

Mark is aware of the need to do this, has some DreamStation data, and has looked at the data. He said that it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. From 9/25/2015 on another forum.

He hasn't posted publicly since then. I know he hasn't been able to get as much done on SleepyHead as he wants to, due to real world considerations.

I wouldn't be expecting a new version any time soon, but I hope I'm wrong.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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(12-28-2015, 03:36 PM)archangle Wrote: Encore Pro does not work at all on Mac OS. However, it would probably work in a virtual machine on a Mac or if you install Bootcamp and boot into Windows.

I can confirm that EncorePro can work on Mac via virtual machine. I did it on my Macbook Air. It is fairly simple. You download VirtualBox software and extension pack (free), either have Windows system in CD or iso with product key (in my case I downloaded Windows 7 iso (free) and bought a Windows 7 product key online ($50), and then install EncorePro (free via this awesome forum) in Windows system in the virtual machine you created. One additional thing to purchase is a USB SD card reader (<$10), as virtual machines do not read the SD slot in Macs. It took me about 1 hour to complete all this.

I initially did the EncorePro install on my wife's Win 10 laptop but ran into so many issues. I was able to resolve it but ended up doing the virtual machine on my Mac as it is so much easier to just do everything on my laptop. If anyone needs help feel free to PM me or reply this post!
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Thanks very much to all who responded to my query. Comments follow, broken out as responses regarding (1) EncorePro and (2) Mark's efforts on SleepyHead.

Re. EncorePro. Knowing my own incompetence with a Mac, my tendency to run into trouble that I'm not able to resolve in the time I have a available, and hearing the number of steps that are required to use EncorePro on a Mac, I am not inclined to try that. If I do anything, I will just purchase a PC laptop. From what I gather from Pennidragon's post, it is not that straightforward to use EncorePro on a PC that is running Windows 10. So if I do this at all, perhaps I'll try to get a PC running Windows 7, which I just read, at this link, may still be possible--


--though even in the best of circumstances it is likely I will run into many problems, as I'll be using an unfamiliar operating system and still must deal with my overall lack of competence and comfort in going even an inch or two beyond the basics with computers.

For this reason, I may just try, as a starting point, to rely on my sleep doctor, take myself out of the data loop, and trust his interpretations and recommendations, as he is someone who is unusually skilled and knowledgeable and is very hands-on with the data. If I find going forward that I want to try the EncorePro path, I will post again or private message.

Re. SleepyHead modifications. I'm glad to hear that Mark is aware of the DreamStation issue and is trying to make progress in resolving it.

Does anyone know (or is anyone able to find out) how one could contribute to help encourage / support Mark's efforts to make SleepyHead compatible with DreamStation? I would like to make a small contribution myself and perhaps other DreamStation users would as well; and perhaps there will be a growing number of these users during the next couple of months, too. Even if the total amount that Mark receives is not large, it would at least be a concrete way of showing him that people really desire this modification, and also that they are aware and appreciate how much time and effort must be involved in making it happen.

For a programmer as skilled and creative as Mark, it seems not that likely that even in the best of circumstances the total contributions would match what he could earn for a project in the commercial sphere, but at the very least it would let him know concretely that his efforts are valued and recognized.

I even find myself wondering--and this would be wonderful--if someone knows how and would be willing to set up a one-button contribution system for Mark, whether at this site or elsewhere, that would either be dedicated specifically to this issue or which, at least, would have a built-in message system that would allow people to say what motivates them to contribute. If anyone could do that, it would be wonderful.

But either way, I would like to make a modest contribution myself and would be thankful for information about how I could do that.

In general: thanks again to all, and to this site, for responding to my post and in general for being such a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and responsive community.
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VisitorX, there is a PayPal link on the Sleepyhead download page for members who wish to make a contribution to Mark. Use the Sleepyhead link at the top of this page, then scroll right down to the bottom of the download page.

I absolutely agree with your sentiments. Mark has done an amazing job with Sleepyhead, a much better program than Resmed's own effort in my view.
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Thanks, DeepBreathing. I just made a contribution. During the contribution process, there is a message box that appears; and I noted that the contribution is intended as a "concrete token of appreciation" for his great work and in the hopes that he can make SH compatible with DH soon. The contribution process requires that one choose an amount AUD--Australian dollars--with each AUD equal to about 0.75 US dollar, so I made sure to translate my USD intention into AUD. (There are plenty of websites that convert the amounts for you, I found.) Is there some way to make other DreamStation users more aware of the possibility of donating, and perhaps even to encourage them to contribute towards the DreamStation cause?
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(01-02-2016, 07:29 AM)VisitorX Wrote: From what I gather from Pennidragon's post, it is not that straightforward to use EncorePro on a PC that is running Windows 10. So if I do this at all, perhaps I'll try to get a PC running Windows 7, which I just read, at this link, may still be possible--

It did require some research on my part to learn about the virtual machine. It is really not as bad as it sounds/look as long as you did your homework.

If you are considering a PC, please do not hesitate on Win 10 system. Lots of people seem to have no probs installing, as did I on my first install on Win 10. I ran into probs when I was re-installing a 2nd time, which in my opinion, was not due to the OS. The issues I came across could happen in any Win OS. The reason I chose Win 7 for my virtual machine was because it was much easier to obtain a free Win 7 iso and a cheaper product key compared to a newer OS such as Win 10. Besides, I preferred a much simpler system like Win 7 since I am only using it for EncorePro purposes.
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