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SleepyHead and Linux
Thanks for this great site! I'm new to CPAP and am learning a great deal.

One thing missing has been the data software that runs on Linux. SleepyHead has a Linux version but it's very specific to versions of Linux rather than general distributions and some of the dependencies are not standard or unnecessary. It didn't work out of the box even with the specific operating version mentioned on the page. SO... I went ahead and did some minor changes to the program, repackaged it (kept all the original programmers work and kudos) and it works like a dream. It's a fun little piece of software.

Since the programming and libraries are Open Source and publicly available, I think it should work on any Linux machine if it's recompiled with some changes to fit your particular OS needs. I have a way to make it fit any Debian based system I.E. Debian8, Ubuntu (all flavors 15.04 and up, maybe earlier) and any of possibly 30 Linux versions as long as they're deb or deb/rpm hybrid based. (debian based only because I'm familiar with deb not rpm, Susi, Red Hat etc. although there is nothing keeping it from working if you know those systems)

If any data deprived non-sleepers would like to get it working on your Linux machine, I'd be glad to help you get it working... Although I won't upload any modified software for safety reasons, I may be able to guide you through your own "redo" process if you're having problems.

Of course, I'll bow to the site administrators/moderators approval to do such a thing.

Outside of that, the info SleepyHead gives me is eyeopening and educational for sure.

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Just a screenshot of my SleepyHead data. It works.

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Great job!
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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Hi MartinT,
Great that you have that working, now you need to post in the main forum to get some help with such a high AHI?

What I see are too many Obstructives and too low of a minimum pressure.
You may need to start inching up your minimum pressure to 9cm, with a ramp starting at 6cm.

You also have a high leak rate. Probably your mask, but that needs some attention.

Apnea Board Moderator

Organize your SleepyHead Charts
Using Attachments to Post ScreenShots and Images.
Machine choices

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I'm switching my main machine to Linux and testing with a new install of Slackware64 14.2 on another machine. Jedimark's page shows an Ubuntu binary package, but this can be converted to the tgz format with deb2tgz (available from the usual places--SourceForge among others).

The binary extracted and loaded, but failed at runtime, since I don't have Qt5 installed. Jedimark says 5.5 works, but 5.6 or higher causes problems when building from source. I found the 5.5 files from Qt.io by going through the archives. (If it's for a personal project, you don't have to pay the subscription fee.) Haven't downloaded it just yet; it's over 600Mb and my data cap says it's an early morning download. (Satellite broadband is odd.)

The Linux binary is 1.0.0. I don't know if it will play with 1.0.0-beta2 records; if not, I'll see if I can build from source. The Qt5.5-SDK might be in that big download. We'll see.
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Building from source is not too difficult. The major point is to use QT 5.4 or 5.5. QT5.4 added a couple of methods that Jedimark used, but QT5.6 changed all the web rendering routines. I don't recall the details; they are in the release notes on the QT site. I'm sure it caused much pain to a lot of QT programmers.

The thread http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...d-on-Linux has lots of useful hints for building. I particularly like building the object files and executable in a separate directory.
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Thanks for the pointer. I'm happy to build from source, but the notes on Mark's page were a little sketchy for me. I'm rusty at Unix/Linux--did a lot with it from the '90s until '03, then not much.
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Hmm, today the jedimark site is under re-construction. (I saw the main page was hacked as of a few days ago.) The main download page is there, but the source code page is offline, and I don't know the right command to get the source code from Gitlab. My previous Linux experience predates git.

Could somebody give me the command? I got an account with Gitlab when I got the debian binary--I need to install Qt5.5, but I'd rather start from scratch with the SleepyHead code.

Thanks in advance.
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To get your own copy on your machine, use

git clone https://gitlab.com/sleepyhead/sleepyhead-code.git

preferably in a new directory. Do read the README - jedimark recommends building in a shadow directory because it keeps things cleaner

Mind you, it's been 9 months since I used gitlab, so I'm a little shaky myself
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That did it. Thanks!

Tiny, compared to Qt5.5. Slackware14.2 ships with Qt4, and Qt.io has 5.5 lumped into a 622Mb file.
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