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Sleepyhead Software
Sleepyhead Software
This thread is now closed. If you have a question regarding the SleepyHead software package, please go HERE.

To download the SleepyHead software, go here:

Hi I'm a new member. I spent several hours reading posts this morning because I feel like i've been waking up more lately. I never had anyone tell me anything about following up on the data on the SD card in my machine, I've just been on the thing for 2.5 years and know nothing about what my levels have been. Just downloaded the Sleepyhead software, thank you all for mentioning it in several posts. Unfortunately I don't know what all the data means. My AHI levels, which I think are probably important is running around 1.5. Is that good? Bad? What else do I need to look for in the data?

Thank you so much in advance.


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RE: Sleepyhead Software
Hi Ann
Anything under 5 for AHI is good! What it is saying is that you are having 1.5 events an hour on an average for the daily session. I will expand my 'flow' and compare that to the events that I have to see what happened when I was sleeping. The other thing that I watch is 'Leak Rates'. This gives me a good idea of how the mask held on during a night. Some of my 'events' are caused when I am having a high leak rate. This can look like a Central Apnea because I will consciously stop breathing and try to poke around the mask to pinpoint the leak.

I'm sure others will pitch in here and help explain things even more but I try to mainly monitor a few things rather than go in to overload. The others points in SleepyHead will fall in to understanding the more I check out the data.

RE: Sleepyhead Software
Hi auntannies2002,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your Sleepyhead questions and best of luck.
RE: Sleepyhead Software
Welcome auntannies, the two most important figures are you AHI and leaks, just stick with them at the start. At your first sleep study your sleep specialist should have told you what your AHI was, it not only tells you how many times on average per hour you stop breathing, it also determine the severity of sleep apnea you have. 0 - 5 is normal, 5 - 15 mild, 15 - 30 moderate and 30+ servere, so you can see anything under 5 is good. The lower the better and hardly anyone can get '0' everynight. Going by your pressure settings it sounds like you are somewhere near mild to moderate. If you still have your sleep study report or prescription it should be on that.
On leaks, you want them to be below 24l, you can have some higher than that if your mask moves or leaks.
Where you see a 95%, it means 95% of the time you are under the figure, so for example you want your leaks to be below 24 and as low as possible.
Take your time getting used to the software your AHI is fine.
The other thing that determines how you are going isn't on sleepyhead, it's how you feel the next day, if you feel better than you did before you were diagnosed, if you have more energy etc, hope that answers some of your questions and please ask any more if you have them, good luck and Merry Christmas.

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RE: Sleepyhead Software
Like the others have said, anything under 5 is good.

Try to figure out why you are waking up. Noise? Mask leak? Waking yourself up snoring?

Look at the other graphs and see what else is going on at about the same time as the events. Any big leak spikes followed by wider flow rate graph? Leak spike would mean maybe you opened your mouth or the mask leaked. A wider flow rate may indicate you woke up and were breathing regularly.

Here's some other things to help:
SleepyHead user guide: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/sl...sers_Guide
our wiki site: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...=Wiki_Home
acronyms/abbreviations: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php?title=Acronyms

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

RE: Sleepyhead Software
(12-20-2013, 12:47 PM)auntannies2002 Wrote: My AHI levels, which I think are probably important is running around 1.5. Is that good? Bad? What else do I need to look for in the data?

Thank you so much in advance.

AHI at or below 5 considered acceptable, the lower is the better but we should not too preoccupied about numbers, how you feel is important too

Which S9 model are you using, model name printed next to on/off button. If its not the Escape model, beside AHI which include central apneas, should also report on the LCD 95th percentile pressure (if using auto mode) and leak. our little friend Mr happy (good mask fit) shows-up whenever 70th percentile leak is less than 24 L/min

95th percentile means pressure or leak was at or below this number for 95% of the time using the machine. Your user profile indicate pressure range 6-10, the 95th percentile would be between these two numbers, the pressure graph shows pressure movement during the night if spends significant time at the upper end or at the lower end might indicate some pressure adjustment is required
Unlike other machines, Resmed machines report net unintentional leak (mask leak plus mouth leak) and consider at or below 24 L/min is acceptable number. But of course leak large or small if disturb your sleep or/and preventing staying asleep, ought be sorted out.
For me means cushion replacement is due

RE: Sleepyhead Software
Hi everyone from new sleepyhead user. I have a question about central airway data. My data shows that most of my apneas are central. Is this data accurate and if so what should I do about it? Thanks all.

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RE: Sleepyhead Software
Welcome LMW, what is your total AHI and what are your centrals of the total. If they are only small numbers you have nothing to worry about. Your total AHI should be as low as possible but below 5.
RE: Sleepyhead Software
(12-21-2013, 12:41 PM)LMW Wrote: Hi everyone from new sleepyhead user. I have a question about central airway data. My data shows that most of my apneas are central. Is this data accurate and if so what should I do about it? Thanks all.
The machine have no way of knowing whether you were asleep or awake at the time an apnea scored and high leak rate affect the accuracy of the data. Followup with your sleep doctor, the doc is the best person for advice
Whats AHI and breakdown of events, 90% pressure and high leak

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