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Sleepyhead daily report question
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Machine: REMstar Auto A-Flex
Mask Type: Full face mask
Mask Make & Model: FitLife - large
Humidifier: heated humidifier w/ heated hose
CPAP Pressure: 5-18
CPAP Software: SleepyHead Other Software

Other Comments: i also use sleepmapper and the HC431 mask

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RE: Sleepyhead daily report question
(01-05-2014 05:48 AM)DeepBreathing Wrote:  
(01-05-2014 04:55 AM)WOGDOG Wrote:  i was looking at my sleepy head daily report to check out my new PR FitLife mask compared to my HC431.
and i hace a couple of questions about the line of info above my EVENT Flags Chart, it reads.
AI=0.44 HI=0.44 CAI=0.44 REI=1.75 VAI=1.17 FLI=0.73 PB/CSR=0.00%

what do these letters mean

where can i find info on how to get the graphs so i can post them for use on this forum

Hi Wogdod. Some of the items in your list aren't included in the glossary. AFAIK, the following apply:
  • AI = Apnea index. The total number of apneas (including central, obstructive and undefined) per hour
  • HI = Hypopnea index. Total number of hypopneas per hour
  • AHI = Apnea - hypopnea index. The total number of apneas plus hypopneas per hour
  • REI = ??
  • VAI = ??
  • FLI = Flow limitation index. Flow limitation events per hour
  • PB/CSR = Periodic breathing / Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Not sure of the second part of the question. Assuming you can see the daily graphs, you need to save them as a jpg or png file. Easiest way to do this is to do a screen dump {Alt}{PrtScrn} or in Windows use the snipping tool. Save the image file somewhere convenient on your computer, then use the attachment tool under your new reply text box. Let me know if that's not what you meant.

Thank you deepbreathing this helps. i had looked at both the sleepyhead manual and the encore manual but some of the info was not clear.

This thread is now closed. If you have a question regarding the SleepyHead software package, please go HERE.

To download the SleepyHead software, go here:
01-06-2014 05:37 AM
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