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Sleepyhead wake number
I am curious as to how the "Wake" time is calculated for the daily view (Date-Sleep-Wake-Hours). I assume it means the amount of time the CPAP is being used by the user and the user is awake. The values I see there seem low to me. Just wondering as I find the measure valuable to pass on to my doctor and to measure my progress.

Larry McKee
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It's set to the time you last stopped the machine. When you woke up and last shut off the machine for example. Hours is the total time you spent using the machine (or the machine was at least turned on). Note that Sleep - Wake does not necessary = Hours. You could have paused it to use the bathroom or like me I just happen to get up around 1am for no darn reason and sit on the couch for an hour or two.

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I'm confused, Alan. I went back and looked at my Wake numbers and they are like:


The 3:10 number I could see as a time I stopped the session. The rest, no way. I still don't understand what it is trying to tell me.

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I believe Sleepy head just counts the number of times you stopped the machine during the night. Resmed calls the "Mask on/off" events on it's MyAir site, but the numbers are consistent between the two programs.
Ed Seedhouse

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(05-12-2015, 04:47 PM)mckee105 Wrote: I'm confused, Alan. I went back and looked at my Wake numbers and they are like:


The 3:10 number I could see as a time I stopped the session. The rest, no way. I still don't understand what it is trying to tell me.


With a Resmed you might have the Auto Start/Stop feature on. . . I can never remember the trade name for this option. Basically it allows the unit to turn on automatically when the user breathes through the mask and will turn off if the mask is removed. There have been reports that a major leak will cause it to turn off and, when the mask is repositioned, it will turn back on. This could account for all those times you have listed.
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Hi All,
Thanks for the replies. I do have Auto on/off on. The numbers I am referring to appear to be a duration (not a count). I am talking about Wake which is one of the numbers under orange backgrounded AHI number. My hours numbers are in the 6.x range.
What I think I want (and have requested in a separate reguest) is a duration when the CPAP machine is at full pressure. I think this will give me a good idea of how much of my 6.x hours is sleep. I was hoping Wake was this number.

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sleepyhead can give you this. There is a chart at the bottom that looks like a table of numbers with superimposed crazy lines of various colors. Ignore the lines for a minute, and look at the second or third row, which is labeled MaP or min, which is the minutes that you were at that pressure (or in that pressure band).

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Thank you QAL. I will look into it.

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The feature in Resmed is called Autostart. It does both, start when you start breathing into the mask and turns off the machine if you remove the mask. It can either be on or off, there is no separate controls for starting and stopping.

[Image: qkdyUgVl.png]
click to see full size

The Sleep in the highlighted area is when you turned on the machine "FOR THE DAY" and the Wake is the time you last turn off the machine "FOR THAT DAY".

The day ends typically at Noon.

In the above chart, there are 3 sessions.

So last night, at 21:34pm, I started with the machine for that day.

The first session lasted a whopping 17 mins.
The second session lasted 3h 21 mins
and the last session lasted 4h 15 mins

For a total of 7h 53mins for the "day"

The session colors at the bottom just change color back in forth to show a new session between blue and yellow.

You can also turn on or off sessions and then only see the sessions you have on in the charts on the left (not in the screenshot). Click on the green (or red) bar next to each session.
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Hi All,
Thanks for all the input. I believe QAL pointed me to what I was looking for. I would be great if that data could be put in an export file.

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