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So discouraged and sad
RE: So discouraged and sad
(12-10-2017, 03:05 PM)WillSleep Wrote: ... I am also going with the story this helps to hold the tongue more forward / away from the back of the throat maybe reducing FLs & OSAs a little bit.  

I'm a natural Tongue-Against-Roof-of-Mouth breather, and cannot say if Will's theory has any merit (if I have less FLs and OSAs because of it than I would have otherwise)...

...but I can +1 on the good reviews for the P10. With the Swift FX, I have gobs of aerophagia; with the P10, there is a little bit, hardly noticeable. I have none at all with the F&P Simplus FFM.

I hope you find something that works for you.

Please be sure to mention this to your doctor. Aerophagia is, I believe (please someone correct me if I'm wrong!), one of the things that might make a bilevel more suitable for you.
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RE: So discouraged and sad
I'm a newbie too, with bugger all knowledge or experience of how these things work.
However with the help and support of these good people, things should change for you.

I think most of us at times go through lows which seem insurmountable, and when they coincide with a life event like reconciling the rest of your existence with the reality of sleeping with a machine attached to your face, it seems like another pothole to get stuck in.

Hopefully things will settle down with some knowledge gained over a relatively short time and you'll be back on track.
Hang in there Smile
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RE: So discouraged and sad
(12-10-2017, 01:36 PM)S.L. Ping Beauty Wrote: I can empathize with your sadness.  Can you try to identify it?  My sadness was from the news of cruelty of humanity towards itself.  I was sad not for me but for others.  While it was my person who was not sleeping well, my emotions were pouring out for others.  This gave me some comfort in that the short bout of sadness was not self-centered.   Even if you do identify if your sadness is for yourself then that is good too!  It is a step in order to get things in order for yourself. Ya' gotta' take care of Number 1.

For me when I was exhausted it was easy to see the cruelty in today's times.    But, Every once in a while I read something good and it seems to balance things out a little more.  While there is a fair amount of that still  I can see in little tid-bits the good side of man towards his fellow being, especial during the holiday season.


(This board should have a Like button.)
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RE: So discouraged and sad
I am no longer a newbie to CPAP/APAP... so I can tell you it WILL get better.

It is a journey of finding what variations work for you as an individual, once sorted it all becomes a normal nightly routing of mask on - press start - fall asleep (and wake once during the night to pee, if you are like me  Unsure Big Grin )

Reach out to people here for answers to your questions as you go along, you will get there in time with it all. (took me about 6 to 8 months to get it sorted for me)
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RE: So discouraged and sad
Hi Solar Rays,
I am sorry you are having such a rough time right now with CPAP therapy.
I want to encourage you to stick with it; over time, it does get better.
Feel free to ask questions as you go along on your journey.
Good luck and hang in there, don't give up.
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