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So what ever happened to the Post Office
What happened to the dependability of the Post Office?

I ordered a DVD from Mr Bezo's online emporium; it was supposed to be here last Monday. It was direct to the wrong post office; then was out for delivery for 4 days. Then again its tracking showed it at another post office. Finally last night it was at the correct routing hub; and delivered today.

Scheduled for today was delivery of a package from friends in Portland. Tracking showed it out for delivery. At 5PM I got a tracking message that delivery had just been attempted and a notice left. There's no notice. I checked the security cameras -- no one approached the door.

I'm done with the Post Office. I'll spend 3 times as much to use one of the other carriers. As for online retailers -- if they use the Post Office, I'm not ordering.

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Government cut-backs apparently have caught up to the Post Office inefficiencies. I never order anything that gets delivered via the USPS. Well that's not exactly true: I do order my suspenders from an online service that ships by snail mail but it still gets here within two days
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Since you've already stated you won't have anything more to do with the post office, saying anything at all seems a waste of time. I can say that my problems with the post office are rare. I shipped 80 packages last week. Everybody had their stuff within 6 days including media mail.

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And, to bolster their inefficient operations, they're raising rates next year. Priority mail rates are going up 9.5%.

Wife does a lot of ebay...

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The only major problem I have had is a medical report from a local doctor's office never arrived as promised. And this wasn't the first time something didn't arrive that was allegedly sent by them. I suspect it may be the local branch that is the issue as an office employee said they have had problems with the mail.

Other than that, in years of mailing things through the Post Office, I can count on one hand how many times I have had difficulties. I think they get an unfair rap but that is just my personal opinion.

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I now ask a business before ordering who they use for shipping, especially if I want the item in a reasonable time frame.

"Snail Mail" is an appropriate name for the US Mail service. Annoyed-and-disappointed
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No problems here. Compared to other options USPS first class and Priority Mail are a bargain and reliable.
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The USPS performance seems somewhat spotty. I can get a piece of regular mail from southern California to the east coast in one day as long as the recipient is not way out in the hinterlands. No extra fees or special packaging required. On the other hand, their "hold mail" system is a piece of crap at least at our branch. I have requested a mail hold several times per year for the last 4 years. It was done right once. The last time, they were supposed to resume deliveries and deliver my held mail on Tuesday. It was not until I initiated an investigation that I received the held mail and started having my mail delivered once again. Needless to say, I have mixed feelings about the USPS.

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Until a few years ago we had a local PO on this side of town. A full PO with delivery trucks parked in back.
They closed that and opened a little PO in a strip mall. If a piece of mail goes back to the PO and requires one to come in a ask for it; then one has to travel cross town to the main post office. That change seems to have been a turning point for PO service in my area.

Two years ago, I execute and had notarized a document for my financial planner.
I sent it across town via Priority mail. It took a week to go from XXX07 to XXX09.
I figured it was lost; so I executed another and had my son hand deliver it.

I think regional differences in service may indicate a regional difference in work ethic.

Now, let me get on my soapbox and tell you what I really think:
I think the PO represents all that is wrong in US society today.
The US is going to Heck in a Hand Basket.
Social attitudes and Public education.

No one will take personal responsibility; it's always someone else fault.
Lost is the work ethic of doing a job well.
A sense of entitlement without effort.
Courtesy is something from a bygone era.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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They're great except for:

"We delivered it to your mailbox. Maybe someone stole it." - I was standing in my yard when the mail came and walked across the street to get the mail. If you claim you delivered it then someone (your mail carrier) is lying.

"It left our mail distribution point and ..." Dont-know - maybe went into the trunk of someone's car and offered for sale on eBay.

Been happening *way* too much lately. It hurts when you have to mail order meds and it never makes it here. PO claims they delivered it so you are shafted. No chance of you getting any replacement. It's not 90 days yet. PO, specifically mail carriers know this and know the PO will back them up.

I have a gift for my wife coming and it now it disappeared. It supposedly left their "origin facility" four days ago with a priority 3-day delivery. Into the mist...

thieves and criminals. The lot of them. Then they have the nerve to put in a 'holiday' card hoping you'll put in some money for them or toss in a bag saying they need donations. Screw them all.... AngryDodgy

All my bills/statements are electronic now. What always DOES get delivered though is junk mail. Without fail.

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