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SoClean 2 for Resmed AirSense 10 Auto

I bought a SoClean 2 for my AirSense 10 Auto and masks.
Afterwards, I read on Amazon reviews some people saying that scientifically there is no way this works to clean your equipment or kill any bacteria or germs. I see other (many more) reviews from people saying they love it and it is great. So wondering if anyone knows if it actually works or not? I ran it for the 1st time tonight and its noisy as hell, but if it works then I won't return it.

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This has come up a couple of times that I saw on the boards in my short time that I have been a member here. Unanimously the consensus was (even from a former microbiologist, Melman if I remember correctly) that this item is a waste of your money. Everyone will be along shortly to tell you to send it back...and I am adding my voice to that camp. All you need is soap and water.
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Also, there is a good chance it will damage the seals in your machine over time.
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Hi Orionsnet,

I’m sorry to have to tell you that SoClean, in my opinion, will not clean and, therefore, will not effectively kill microorganisms on your equipment. This statement is based on over 20 years of professional experience in sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing. One of my responsibilities was evaluating, developing, and verifying the efficacy of cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilizing agents for production equipment, water systems, and environmental surfaces. (sanitizer and disinfectant are equivalent terms.) My work was regularly audited by the FDA. I also worked for many years in hospitals as a medical microbiologist. Although I'm far from expert with respect to many topics I think I know my way around this one pretty well.

I won’t say there is no scientific evidence that ozone will kill bacteria.  Ozone is an effective sanitizing agent but only on surfaces that are already thoroughly cleaned and only at sufficient concentration.

It is, however, not a cleaner.  It is a strong oxidizer and will damage a variety of materials and any electronics. I don't see anything in the information I have reviewed on SoClean that assures me that some ozone may not flow from the reservoir into the CPAP machine. I'm not saying it will but I wouldn't risk it.

There have been reports on this forum of mask cushions turning yellow after exposure to Soclean.

There is a lot of misunderstanding with respect to risk of infection from CPAP equipment and use of sanitizing agents. Regular cleaning with mild detergent should be adequate to eliminate risk of infection from CPAP equipment. The small numbers of bacteria that remain after cleaning with a mild detergent are probably lower than in the room air you breath or on the dishes in your cupboard.

The SoClean promotional material claims that a single cleaning of the reservoir, tubing, and mask before initial use of SoClean is all that is required and that from that point on the SoClean process will maintain cleanliness as well as sanitize. As stated above, ozone is not a cleaner. So any contamination that gets into your mask and tubing (e.g. saliva) and biofilm which forms on the surfaces of the reservoir (and it will over an extended period of time) will not be removed and will provide a place for bacteria to grow that is protected from the ozone.  

There is an axiom that I used when training technicians and other workers; "you can clean without sterilizing/sanitizing but you cannot sterilize/sanitize without first cleaning". Microorganisms need direct contact with the sanitizing agent to be killed and an extremely thin film (less than you could see) of any material will protect them. This especially true for gases such as ozone. Microorganism under or in debris won't be phased. This is even true for steam sterilization at 250F (121C).

In my opinion the SoClean system is at best ineffectual and at worst may damage your equipment.   Dawn is a lot cheaper and safer.
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People say they love it and it is great as they are worried about germs and this machine gives them peace of mind while actually accomplishing nothing of actual use. IMO, they are not buying a cleaning machine, they are buying a delusion that provides peace of mind.
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I have seen statements that SoClean has scientific studies to verify that their system works. I just went to there site and reviewed the 2 studies they cite (They only present 2).

One was done to promote the use of sterilizing filters in CPAP equipment and was performed by inoculating humidifier water with high numbers of bacteria and demonstrating that they could be recovered downstream at the mask. It had nothing to do with cleaning or disinfection. Neither ozone nor SoClean were used or mentioned in the study.

The second was a very simple study performed in a German lab that showed SoClean would kill bacteria under ideal lab conditions. It was poorly documented and did not reflect real world conditions. It was not from peer reviewed journal and given the level of documentation I can't imagine it would not have been accepted by one.
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Thanks for all the feedback! I will be returning this now and getting my $300.00 back Smile
Hopefully, they will take it even though I used it once.
I'm surprised this company is allowed to sell this item, especially at $300. Pretty lame...

Thanks again!
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Wouldn't you know it, there's no return policy for the SoClean even though that isn't mentioned anywhere when you purchase it from Amazon. Thankfully, I'm a Prime member and customer support credited me back the $300 and said to not even worry about sending it back. I guess my Amazon Prime membership just paid for itself!
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Wow! That's great Grin I didn't think you had a chance.

I had a similar experience but with something in the $25 range. Accidentally ordered 2 but only wanted one. They gave me a credit and said not to send it back. It may have something to do with how much you buy at Aamzon. We have prime and buy a lot there.
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I'm definitely going to write a review warning people on the product page!
I think what saved both of us is the Prime membership because the 1st and last thing they said (this was all through their online chat support) was "thank you for being a Prime member". I basically buy everything besides my groceries from Amazon so like you said the $/year may of had a part in it as well. Not sure if their support people check that though, it maybe giving them too much credit. Either way, I'm ebay'ing this SoClean 2 haha.
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