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SoClean arrived, but...
(01-27-2014, 12:23 AM)archangle Wrote: It's sort of a sour, pungent, acid, type smell.

Exactly, and that is what was in the content of the email I sent to them. I found the "aroma" to be objectionable. And oddly enough, some people suggest the "aroma" (and I use that word to describe donkey dung here on my ranch also) people have stated it reminds them of a rain storm.

It reminded me of when batteries over charged in my golf cart, so back it went to the vendor.
I have a PhD from M.I.T.
Post hole Digger from Miller Implement & Tractor
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Hey man, I Just bought bought the SoClean 2 from Easy Breathe..

I tried putting a link to them in but it wont let me so its [link removed]
I don't buy my stuff from Amazon anymore cuz they aren't certified distributors, therefore you're not guaranteed to know where it's coming from. I use amazon for shoes and electronics mainly now. I paid $279.99, but now they raised their price 15 bucks but they always offer a 10 percent discount. I have one that I've used twice: Sleep2nite10

HAve you had any success with it lately?

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(01-22-2014, 10:22 PM)Luke Warm Wrote: I'd like to add (after reading some historical posts on cleaning a CPAP with an ozone device) that, yes - I agree that our society has gone a tad "north" on sanitation. I'm one of those kids who played in dirt, skinned my knees on concrete, cut my shins on fence wire, nicked my arms and head when falling off a skateboard onto asphalt streets, driveways and filthy sidewalks... however now that I am an old codger, I've had three doctors tell me that my immune system is compromised due to injections and drugs I am taking daily that suppress my immune system (I have multiple sclerosis). I was told to keep hand sanitizer in my pocket and to use it often.

#2, Some guys came back from the Vietnam war with something called "shell-shock", I came back from Nam with a phobia about germs. Living in a jungle as I did, not seeing a real shower for weeks, not being able to take off your boots or clothes in that moist and humid environment, I had "conditions" and "issues" I won't mention here on the forum, and thus, for me, ridding my CPAP of germs and virus and bacteria, is a tad more important for me, than when I was a kid who played in mud, and climbed trees and skinned his legs on more than one occasion...

So while "yes" I agree that it seems like we are going to extremes to ward-off germs, for some of us, it is pretty critical (and "mental") My Internist advised, if I caught the flu, with a compromised immune system, I could die. So, an ozone device looked pretty good to me a couple of weeks ago. It just stinks to high-heaven.

First and foremost, thank you for your service, soldier! SHa_clap2

Control III is one of several effective and convenient chemically related Benzalkonium Chloride based liquid disinfectants which can generally soak'em 'n smoke'em in a relatively short period of time. My favorite cold disinfectant for the better part of of 46 years of busting microbes in my practice has been Benz-All [(broken) link removed by moderator] by Xttrium Laboratories. I see no reason why a small volume of the properly dilited concentrate could not be sprayed on if you do not want to submerge parts. Soak for 15 minutes, rinse, and dry and I'd think you would be good to go. I've never been aware that I damaged or degraded rubber or plastic parts. Give Xttrium a call if you have any questions about limitations of use or safety for yourself. I've never breathed through any device that had been soaked in it but I've surely come into contact with it often over the years with no notable untoward side effect that I'm aware of. I've never seen diluted Benz-All damage an array of plastic disinfecting instrument trays which have been used for that purpose for years. Benz-all should be discarded after several weeks after being diluted while the concentrate has no expiration date, but I'm unclear on why discarding a sprayed on solution would be necessary every two weeks if the container was/is not contaminated.

Might also be a good idea to put in a call for your doc to get his/her opinion of Benzalkonium Chloride such as Benz-All or Control-III and whether or not there is a down side for you as an individual. Looking back to the bush in a positive light, perhaps that hard earned respect for "germs" is paying dividends per your current immunological compromise.

Amazon offers a box of fifteen 40cc units of Benz-All concentrate that makes up to a total of 15 diluted gallons for $45.00 at your door, for a working cost of approximately $3/gallon, $0.38/pint. $0.18/half-pint (1cup). I think we're only talking about 2.5 cc Benz-All in one cup of H2O.

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To maintain our status as an educational organization, the only commercial links allowed in this forum are to CPAP-related manufacturer websites. This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules with details given in the Commercial Links Policy section.
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