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Software for PR System One BiPAP autoSV Advanced
I don't think it is just placebo effect, that I feel much more comfortable both with the pressures and delivery, and with the subjective rested feeling. I assumed that the hypopneas caused less sleep interference than the CA's and OA's. Sleep doc seemed to indicate that also (but he may have been just trying to inject some more placebo?!?) Anyhow, advice back when was to titrate hypopneas by increasing PS gradually. I've been up and down a bit and didn't see much difference. I'm now at PS min 6 and PS max 18. How high to go?
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If you're on good terms with the doc or DME, it sure would be cool to get a night on a Resmed.  I just observe they are better at matching up with patient's natural breathing and make stuff like this disappear. 

Based on what I'm seeing on the charts, there is no OA, but abundant H and more CA than you need.  Your tidal volume is even larger than mine, and that 's saying something. Your leak rate is not ideal, but it's not critical.  Here are your most recent settings.  Have you ever tried EPAP at 9 with a  PSmin in the zero to 2 range?

[Image: xgsgaPMh.png]
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SleepyHead is dead to me.  Can anyone help with EncoreBasic?  When I try to download to EB, it accepts the card, accepts patient assignment, but when I attempt to download I get the error message "Media read successfully. The card data is not valid and was not saved. Contact product support for assistance." And this is in spite of my PR1 BiPAP autoSV Advanced being clearly listed in the prescription list. I've un- and re-installed the program several times with no effect. I've used several different cards to no avail.  (And of course, Phillips Respironics has no such thing as "product support.") 
Anywho, recall that before ASV, my total AHI ran in the high 20's-30's, about equally divided into OA, CA, and H and not responsive to increased pressures.  Now, my OA and CA are essentially gone, and my H's are in the teens.  With my SX's improved and those trends, guess my sleep doc was happy.  I wouldn't object to trying to get H's to go away, but my doc doesn't think that is very likely until more significant weight loss (anyone have magic here?).   
I'm open for some tuning suggestions.  I tried changing EPAP min down to 9 and PS min down to 2 last night, sans significant change:  (See IMGUR shots) Or not.  Dammit!  I was going to post some  IMGUR shots, but today that _  _ EncorePro is stuck back in the "Could not check the database version" error message, and it refuses to load even after reboots.  Talk about product support.  Suffice it to say that my numbers weren't much changed; a few more total events I believe.  

I'd be happy to try the ResMed machine, but don't think there is any chance my DME supplier would loan or rent one.   I looked for a used model (at Supplier # 2) but couldn't find the Aircurve 10 VAuto BiLevel (is that the model?)  Anywhere else to look?  Could it be that there aren't used ones for sale because they work so well??
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The model is the Aircurve 10 ASV, and it's a lot more rare and expensive than the VAuto. I recently helped someone hook up with a new one for $1250, and they come up now and them, but it isn't cheap.

I didn't expect the lower EPAP and PSmin to do much, but figured it was worth a try. What range of PS min have you used, and any idea which one worked best?

I got nothing for the software issue. It really surprises me that occasionally full data is uploaded to SH, and other days, only 23 minutes of nonsense. Meanwhile your EncorePro2 is also kind of flaky.
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Jmayer180 - Two things: one re settings and two re software:
!) I can't quite tell where you were/are setting wise or what clinical results you felt at what settings -  from this thread.  But, it appears that you have been trying different base EPAPs but always wide open on the top for the EPAP.  My personal experience has been that I have had better success with the EPAP in a narrow range and then pressure support at a plus number with the IPAP open at the top. Example: EPAP min 9, max 11;  PS 3; IPAP 12 - 25.  I have also found that setting the bi-flex at 0 or 1 worked better than 2 or 3 (after all that is what the BiPap is doing).  And, frustrating as it is, small changes of only one thing at a time and let it set for a couple of days before adjusting again.  
2) On getting reports - Yeah, WTF and what they are thinking with Dreamapper is beyond me.  That said, If you want to get me your data I will see if I can read it in the Encore Basic that I am using.  It reads my auto SV SD card with no problem as does Encore Pro.  Now, I am using a 950, built in 2013.  Do not know what changes were made in the firmware in the 960.  I also am happy to send you a copy of my data which we know is readable, to see if you can read that.  We unfortunately don't really know where the problem lies and maybe this can narrow it down. PM me and we can discuss how to exchange the data.  To avoid introducing further variables, maybe physical copies of the SD cards?  
   Hope this helps.
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Robert, if jmayer wants you to have data, I can give it to you on a dropbox page, but will need John's permission, and your email by PM.
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I may be having a senior moment, but cannot seem to figure out how to snip and post through IMGUR any data from the pdf report I am obliged to use with EncorePro. I get the screenshots (snip) okay, but when I try to load it into IMGUR nothing happens. Is the pdf data incompatible?

Briefly, after some experimenting with varying minPS and minEPAP, my OAs and CAs remain nearly gone, but my Hs stay about 10-to-low teens (which for me is good).
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You have to save individual PDF pages as jpg, png or other image. Those can be uploaded and posted. I use Acrobat 9.5 pro and have no problem converting pages to images. There are free PDF to img converters online if you don't have a version of Acrobat that does it for you.
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