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Some help interpreting my sleep study results
Hello all-

Had a study last week and got the results back. Going to see the Dr. soon but I'd love to hear some of your opinions:

Sleep efficiency: 90.3%
Latency: 17.2 minutes (fast for me)
Stage N1: 14.2% (increased)
Stage N2: 59.4% (increased)
Stage N3: 7.8% (decreased)
2 REM sleep periods: 18.6% total (decreased)

REM sleep latency: 147.5 minutes (this concerns me a bit)

Overall AHI: 7.3
REM Specific AHI: 16.9
Obstructive apnea index: 0.0 events/hr (doesn't make sense to me?)
Obstructive hyponeas: 44 recorded with mean duration 20.4 (I guess I have hyponeas and not apneas?)
RDI: 7.9
Mean o2 Saturation: 95.6%
Lowest Saturation: 86%
48 arousals related to respiratory events making the index 7.9/hour
69 spontaneous arousals (11.4/hour)

I'd appreciate any insights you guys have into this report.

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You have mild obstructive sleep apnea. You should treat it. CPAP is considered the gold standard for treatment, but at that level some people have been successful using dental appliances to treat apnea. However, beware, many who have tried the dental appliances have complained about jaw pain.

The hypopneas are disturbing your sleep (note the arousal rates) and are also driving your O2 saturation below 90%. So even though they aren't "full blown apneas" (pun intended) they are just as big a problem for you.

"Normal" REM latency is 60 to 90 minutes. It is quite possible that the arousals related to the hypopneas are affecting the amount and latency of REM sleep. Time spent in Stage N3 decreases with age: the decrease may be normal depending on the magnitude of the decrease, your current age, and how old you were when you got the results you are comparing it to. Time spent in Stage N3 can also be affected by OSA.

BTW, what led the doctor to suggest a sleep study?
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This was actually my third sleep study. I had done two before that showed no apnea, but I also barely got any sleep. Both studies showed 0% REM sleep. I had basically given up on the diagnosis until another Dr. told me that there's no way they could rule out apnea if they didn't get me in to REM sleep.

My initial complain was Excessive Daytime sleepiness.
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