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Some mornings AMAZING, some awful
Ok, bear with me here, this is an unorthodox post...

I did a home sleep study but it was inconclusive. Due to that, my insurance is rejecting the Drs. request for a full in house sleep study. I have young kids, full time job and am a zombie, I need this figured out. My primary care did bloodwork, physical etc and ruled out other major issues so I went ahead and bought a APAP/CPAP to try it out while the insurance battle rages on. I know I know.

I have dutifully used it for over a month and about twice a week (random) I'll wake up feeling GREAT, like an actual human. But MOST mornings I'm a zombie. Not insanely 'tired' but REALLY fatigued, the whole deal.

I cannot figure out what makes for a good morning vs. normal morning.

Attached is a snaphot from sleepyhead.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to get a better night sleep. I am fully aware that doing this without a prescription is not a good idea etc etc etc. Thanks!

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Hey SleepyMcGee, that's a lot of initiative. You have a good machine, but you need to dial in minimum pressure to make it work best, Once you have 4-posts in, you can attach images and linked images, so be sure to post some responses.

Based on your summary, you have a very low obstructive apnea rate, and centrals are not an issue. I think your CPAP is taking care of obstructive apnea, but your minimum pressure is still leaving you with too much hypopnea. I would suggest you increase the minimum to 5.6-6.0 and see what that does for you. That reflects your current 90% pressure and should address those residual events. Otherwise, you've made good progress on controlling leaks and your therapy times are very good.

Home sleep studies are more likely to give a false negative, and it sucks your insurance simply denied this. I think with the information you now have, your doctor and you could appeal that finding. Mainly, be sure you discuss your use of CPAP with the doctor and that your record reflect the qualitative benefits it has shown. FWIW, it may be better not to have insurance involved since you're free to manage your own care at this point. In the future, you will need your records to justify another shot at getting approval for a machine, so make sure your records are kept by your doctor, as well as your prescription.
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Truly appreciate the response, thanks you!!
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I should add that I notified my doctor that at this point I'd like to either pay for the sleep study OOP or have them appeal using my cpap info.
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You know what stands out in the summary statistics is that you have steadily improved. If you look at the prescription history at the bottom, it's not the pressures you want to look at, but the steady progress towards lower events as you adapted to this. The fatigue will pass. It just takes time, and it's hard to have patience.
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Appreciate the feedback. What puzzles me is the fact that sometimes I am GREAT in the am and other mornings zombie. Just out of the blue about once a week I'll wake up as if I was 18. Then the rest of the mornings it's zombie. Very strange.

I'd also add that sometimes the mornings where I feel great my AHI could be higher than zombie mornings.
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It doesn't get a lot better when you put on a few decades, although I have found retirement most refreshing. Coffee
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Hi SleepyMcGee,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Sounds like you are doing very well, keep up the good work.
It can take some time before you notice improvements, just stick with it, it does get better.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and good luck to you on your CPAP journey.
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Thanks. The weird thing is that some days I'm perfect some days not. Weird.
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ok so an update here...Friday I changed pressure to min of 6. Sat AM I woke up completely refreshed. one of the 'amazing' mornings I spoke about. AHI Friday night of .43. Saturday night was pretty good too. AHI of 1.35. Sunday night pretty good, AHI 1.6.

I dont feel as good today as I did Saturday. AHI is creeping back up. Had 12 hypo events last night vs. ONE on Friday...

Any thoughts or other data I could provide to help?


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