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Something New - Dry Mouth

Unrelated to my CPAP (I think) I have started to experience dry mouth often (almost every day). Helps to chew gum, use the Biotene.

Any others suffer from this and any suggestions for causes and treatments?

I recently was diagnosed type 2. Metformin. A1C is now around 6.
One lots of meds (crestor, lasix, sertraline, coreg, plus others).
Haven't started anything new that the dry mouth might be caused by.

Comments, suggestions appreciated.


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Has your xPAP humidity situation changed? Are you spending more time sleeping with your xPAP? Are you starting to mouth-breath more? Did you change masks? How is your leak situation? Do you have any episodes of periodic breathing? Do you notice any evidence of fungal or bacterial issues such as white spots or a coated tongue?

Since many of these conditions and drugs you mention have a potential for inducing dry mouth, perhaps this is a question best asked of your physician, dentist, and pharmacist. As for the timing of this occurrence of dry mouth, it could simply be coincidental it started now.

You may wish to try OTC Xylimelts for a potential solution to dry mouth if they do not conflict with your current medications.

Best of luck.
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Diabetes can cause dry mouth. One of the early signs before it's detected is thirst.
The shifting sugar levels also shift water. It's an attempt by the body to dilute glucose.
An A1c of 6 is pretty good control -- especially if achieved by metformin alone.

Lasix (Furosemide) is a loop diuretic that can cause potassium loss and shed a lot of water.

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I like the suggestion of Xylimelts.

Mongo, I have to respectfully disagree that having an A1C of 6.0 is good control of diabetes. Please google "Diabetic Normal” Blood Sugar Is NOT Normal Blood Sugar" which will take you to the site of low carb rn who will explain this further.

Anyway, she explains that having an A1C of 6 equates to a fasting blood sugar of 115 which even conventional medicine feels is pre diabetic. In her opinion, having an A1C of 5 is optimal.

Bubster, if you aren't doing this already, you might want to follow her advice in going on a low carb, high fat diet which has a good chance of getting your A1C alot lower into true normal A1C ranges. Of course, work with your doctor on this since you are taking several medications that might need to be reduced if this diet helps you.

Anyway, I am wondering if you get your A1C into truly normal ranges, if your dry mouth issues might improve. It is just a thought as I haven't seen any research that would say yay or nay.
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