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Speaking of Distilled vs. Tap Water.
(01-26-2014, 05:01 PM)Moriarty Wrote: I have taken the opportunity to re-read the label on the De-mineralised water I use...

Since I last read it there has been a disclaimer put on it to say that it is not suitable for "Human consumption or Medical use".

I plan to keep on using it.

Demineralized water is often made by running it through some chemical resins that trap the ions. If it's intended for industrial processes, it may not take the steps needed to make it safe for human consumption. Do you know that some of the chemicals used don't end up in the water, and that they're safe for human consumption? Demineralization doesn't necessarily remove germs. If it's not intended for human consumption, there might be places in the equipment where germs can grow and make the water unsafe to drink. Demineralization doesn't remove all chemicals, only some ionic minerals.

Industrial demineralized water might even have some sort of chemicals added to it, for instance something that prevents germ growth, but isn't safe to drink.

I won't say that demineralized water is necessarily unsafe for human consumption. It's just that you don't know whether it is. It's a bit like drinking water directly from a clean looking stream. You don't know what might be in it.
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Archangel - the reason I said stick it in the fridge is because cold slows growth, simple as that - and yes, distilled water can become just as infected as any water if exposed to air. so you keep it sealed and cool if you are storing the bottle for more than a week and you will minimize any growth risk, possibly to 0.5%. Unrefrigerated distilled water, once opened, can develop growth quickly enough - there is ALWAYS a growth medium somewhere, be it on the cap, in the air itself, a speck of dust that floats in, whatever. It doesn't take much. We test these things and have guidelines based on those tests. We call it the better safe than sorry method.

Your "theory" is correct - it is a theory - just for laughs (like, dude, we have SO much time on our hands....), we tested just how much an in breath increases the air flow in the tube and the draw pressure and what particulates could be pulled with it, and got quite a surprise - marked germs (phosphorescent), particles, all sorts of stuff got drawn up the tube. So, theory is great, but reality is something else (no, we didn't bother to measure anything, we just looked through a clear hose and checked the filter on the end of the hose to see how much stuff got that far, to see it there is something worth giving to a student for a paper to write - there is, and we will give someone a nice little project by the end of next year).
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I use distilled water at home. We have well water and I am not fond of the mineral and iron buildup I see when I clean sinks and showers every week. Also it raises havoc with my coffee maker over time that not even white vinegar will clean well enough to get it working smoothly. I end up throwing it away and buying a new one.

That said, while away on vacation, I used tap water from the hotel for 11 days. We did not have a car where it was easy to purchase distilled water. By the end of our vacation a whiteish residue had built up in my tank. I couldn't wait to get it home and clean it and the rest of my equipment for that matter. I am pretty picky in general about keeping things spotless. Drives my family nuts when I give them the look of annoyance when they have just gotten my clean masterpieces dirty again. I have a removable canister/tank that I clean every week with my mask and hoses. A little white vinegar mixed in with dawn dish soap and warm water works beautifully.

I believe the distilled water recommendation is a disclaimer because manufacturers do not know who has what kind of water. Obviously there is some water that is worse on machines (like my well water) than other water. IMO I think it boils down (no pun intended) to using good common sense depending on the quality of water you use. I wasn't particularly worried about the hotel's tap water harming me and still not. IMO there are a lot of other bigger things to worry about every day. I would wear myself out and stress myself out if I worried about all the littler things. Also, when I got my machine from the respiratory therapist, he told me the instructions say to clean everything every day. He followed up by saying not many have that much time in their lives and cleaning once a week would be fine. I think cleaning everyday is fine for those that want to and feel they need to. But again, I think the instructions to clean everyday is a disclaimer and covers the bases for those that might otherwise clean their equipment infrequently.
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Whatever float your boat, my free advice ... maintain your equipment in tiptop condition for better resuts and lastly how long since you checked on the filter or replaced it ... now is the time and for me time to put the kettle on for early morning cuppa ... take care
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(01-27-2014, 02:16 PM)zonk Wrote: Not breathing while sleeping is a serious problem

Not sleeping while breathing is bad too Tongue
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

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I change it every month ... most recently a week ago.
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From the Resmed website FAQ:

How often should I change the water in the water tub?
After every use. The water should be changed after each time the humidifier is used, even if you don't use it all in the one night.

If I run out of distilled water, is it okay to use tap water to fill my water tub?
This depends on the type of humidifier. If you have a standard humidifier tub, it is recommended that you use distilled or deionised water. If you have a cleanable tub, then tap water is perfectly fine for everyday use. Do not use bleach, alcohol, chlorine or ammonia-based solutions, moisturising, antibacterial or glycerine-based soap, water softening agents, or unapproved descaling products, as these will damage your humidifier. Refer to your user guide to check if necessary.
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(01-28-2014, 02:58 AM)Surly Wrote: From the Resmed website FAQ:
If I run out of distilled water, is it okay to use tap water to fill my water tub?
This depends on the type of humidifier. If you have a standard humidifier tub, it is recommended that you use distilled or deionised water. If you have a cleanable tub, then tap water is perfectly fine for everyday use.
The above from ResMed Australia http://www.resmed.com/au/service_and_sup...c=patients

Here they change their tune for United States, same question but different answer (maybe to do with lawsuits)
Using distilled water will maximize the life of the water tub and reduce mineral deposits. However, it is ok to occasionally use tap water to clean your humidifier. http://www.resmed.com/us/patients_and_fa...clinicians

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Hi All,

I'm brand new to the forum and this is my first post, so, please forgive me if this is a silly question, or, if it has been answered already - I did search, but didn't find any pertinent results.

What do you guys think about using bottled water such as Evian? It's really convenient when traveling because most hotels have it, and it eliminates the hassle of dealing with the gallon jugs of distilled water.

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We have a water purifier; will be interesting to see how that water works as I am not likely to also buy distilled water (and lug it home.)
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