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Still snoring with APAP
Hi Tahera

Your husband is indeed lucky to have your support.

I have recently travelled out of the UK 2 times with my Resmed CPAP which comes in a neat bag. Guys hospital which dispensed the equipment here in the UK wrote me a letter which I keep in the pocket. In some cases, CPAP is used on planes, I guess, for long haul flights where sleep is needed. However I have not been asked about my equipment at the airport. You know everything is x-rayed so they were deemed acceptable.

I would NOT check your equipment in. Luggage is handled very roughly by airport staff. I am sure my bread maker - a present from my sister in law- has been wrecked by being checked in.

When I worried about how my use of the equipment might have affected the power in a hotel room in Lyon recently, the check in manager knew about the CPAP machine as both his parents use it!! So I felt quite 'normal 'n hearing that.

It may be that this is more common now than we think. Other forum members have also travelled with no adverse experiences recalled.

Have a great trip.
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I strongly suggest you pack the CPAP as carry on luggage.  I travel often, both domestically and internationally and always take it on aircraft as carry on.  It's never been a problem.  Security doesn't even blink when they see a CPAP.  (My son used to work as a passenger screener for a large airport here in Canada and he told me that he saw CPAP machines almost every day.  That's how common they are.)  Some countries require you to take the CPAP out of the travel bag to put it through X-ray but that's not a big deal.  If they handle your machine, you can ask them to put on a clean pair of gloves.
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For airline travel, just carry the CPAP. It does not count against your carry-on allowance. You may have to open the case for security, like a laptop. Don't put it in checked baggage. It takes up a lot of room, and can be damaged by the handlers.

Make sure the doctor knows what his updated pressure needs are. If a DME is resetting the pressure, that will stop it. You may want to ask the DME where the machine was issued if they are revising the prescription remotely. The only other possibility is that the prescription is on the SD card. You can reformat the SD card, and continue using it. The SD card uses a standard FAT32 format.
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Bring it along with you as it does not count towards your hand carry quota. Much safer from damage and mishandling that way. Use the bag the machine came with and you can print a label (see link below or get one when you visit your DME) to loop around the sling.


You may wish to ziplock everything individually, i.e. cpap, humidifier, hoses & masks, to keep them clean.

Remember to bring along a power extension cord with multiple heads, in case the power outlet is not next to the bedside at the hotel. You can use it to charge your other devices (mobile, ipad, etc) without need for multiple power plug adaptors if you are overseas and they have a different power socket.
The doctor says coffee does not affect my tinnitus and it's got lots of antioxidants....however, the after dinner drinks are a different matter altogether. 
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Hi all, thank you so much for the advise. We will make sure to follow it when travelling.

We have been able to solve the snoring issue but now what I realized is that whenever my husband is sleeping on his back a terrible squeaking sound appears. I usually turn him to his side and the noise stops but whenever he turns back to his back it gets back, and being the sensitive sleeper I am it wakes me up several times a night.

Has anyone experienced this before and would be able to advise on how to tackle the issue?

Thank you very much!
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It would be very helpful to see a chart from Sleepyhead to see if it is leak related. See my signature below on how to arrange the charts.
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sleep apnea is usually worse in the supine position so when your husband rolls to his back the auto cpap is probably adjusting to a higher pressure to keep his airway open. This probably causes the squeak sound because the air would be leaking under the mask cushion due to the increased pressures.

In regards to having to change the settings each night: If formatting the sd card doesn't work then take the modem out of the machine. This will stop the dme from being able to make any changes remotely. The modem is a cartridge that is located in the side of your dreamstation oposite your air filter/sd card. It just pulls out.
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It has been said that if you sew a ball into the back of a nightshirt to be worn it will help in keeping someone off their back.


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        Hi all,

Thank you for the comments. It makes total sense that when he lays on his back the pressure increases and the masks starts leaking.

Is there anything we can do against this? I am so happy that we managed to battle most of the snoring but the machine gets so loud that it wakes me up at night. I don't think the tennis ball would work for us unfortunetly as my husband has back issues and can't always lay on his side.

I have posted some of the results and would highly appreciate your advises on if we are on the right track. The apnea seems to have gone down since he is using the neck collar. It would be great to know if we are on the right track.

If you click on the link below you will find the charts. My apologies it looks like this but i couldn't manage to collapse the overview for some reason. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks so so much for the support!
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I wish my charts looked that good.

Do not quit trying to make things better for both of you.


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