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Strange Question, Well maybe!
Thanks Vaughn...Last night, the mask was flapping before I even got to sleep....so I did adjust it. Seemed to help some. I also changed the ramp to 30 minutes instead of no ramp, or 20 minutes...that too seemed to help. I will check the mask fit feature(now that I know how to do that, thanks to you) and adjust accordingly.
After adjusting the ramp and the straps, and the egr last, I slept the most I have in a week. Actually feel like I will make it today!

Never sleep on my back so at least that is good.

Just learning how to adjust this thing here on this forum is a great help....am not at all happy with the provider and had no desire to go back to them again. Everytime I ask a question, they charge me 80 bucks....guess I am cheap too. LOL

Thank you very much for responding...I will try the mask fit feature, and keep working on the other aspects. Merry Christmas!
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First, we need to know which machine you have. Is that the ResMed S9 AutoSet for her? It should say "AutoSet" next to the power button. Also, we need to know which particular F&P full face mask you have. Please put this in your profile so it will be in all your posts.

Get the SleepyHead software so you know what's going on. There's a link in my signature line.

The next time it runs away on you, look at the display and see what pressure it's at. You may need to turn the knob to make the backlight come on.

Sometimes S9 AutoSet machines seem to never get "happy" with the pressure you have and will keep going up. In this case, you need to look at the data with the software and figure out your best pressure to minimize your apnea and set the upper pressure limit lower.

However, you should not simply turn the pressure down without checking your data to see that you're successfully treating your apnea. If you simply turn the pressure down, you may not be treating your apnea successfully.

You should consider not using ramp. Starting with ramp makes it hard to fit your mask. If the mask fits when you start with ramp, it may not fit once the pressure goes up. You can also use the "Mask fit" function. Press and hold the round button for 3 seconds and it will give you a higher pressure to test fit your mask.

Also, keep in mind that tightening the straps is not always the solution to mask leaks. If you get them too tight, the "flaps" may not inflate and seal correctly. Some masks are sort of like a "hovercraft" and the silicone flaps have to inflate and seal against your face.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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Welcome to the Board Jenni88, I agree with the post above mine by starting with no Ramp to "Test" the mask and see how it feels. If you see a comfortable sealed fit you could always go back to the Ramp feature if you feel it helps. Also Vaughn is correct to be sure your straps are evenly positioned to the right position for a "even" seal. Both of these together should work for you! Hope it works out! Again, Welcome

@archangel, I believe ResMed only offers the S9 AutoSet in the "For Her" product line, except for the mask which can also be ordered in pink.
Finger Lakes Region, NY
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Hi Jenni88 and WELCOME! to the forum.!
Best of luck to you on taming your runaway S9.
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I have never had much luck trying to find the right pressure when I had a lot of leaks. For me the problem was usually mouth breathing or leaking until I figured out how to eliminate mouth involvement. CPAP does not work when you breath in thru your mouth and it does not work well when you leak from your mouth. I do not know if this is your problem but if it is you need to eliminate it. Ask your wife or someone to observe you during sleep and see if you appear to be breathing thru your mouth.
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Yes, it is the Resmed Auto-set S9 for her....I will download the program and see if I can figure it out...My results from my last machine were Auto cpap Mean Pressure 8.8 cmH20, Cpap Peak Average Pressure was12.2 cmH20, Average Device pressure <=90%of the time was 10.9 cmH20, but I had a large leak time...(cat keeps pulling on the hose to wake me up...LOL, wants to go out) per day it was 58 mins. 38 sec. Average AHI(I don't know what this means) 3.9

The new machine doesn't seem to be recording any specifics....other than hours used...because my insurance won't pay if I don't use it, so have to prove the hours in a month.

Thanks for all the help...this is a real challenge, and I was lost!

About mouth breathing...I AM a mouth breather...daytime and night....and wear a full face mask.

I do think it is running away...just keeps going up until it gets to about 12.6 and that is when I wake up.
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(12-27-2012, 12:23 AM)Jenni88 Wrote: Yes, it is the Resmed Auto-set S9 for her....

The new machine doesn't seem to be recording any specifics....other than hours used...because my insurance won't pay if I don't use it, so have to prove the hours in a month.


If it's a ResMed S9 Autoset, it is recording ALL of the data. The best way to look at it is to download Sleepy Head (my favorite) or ResScan and download the data from the SD card, but you can get a nice little overview of each night's results and muti-day averages on the machine's screen by entering the "Clinical" info. page (this is the one that the "powers that be" do not want you to see). To view this just hold down the two buttons next to the screen (the one with the "i" and the one with two check marks) for about three seconds. What comes up on the screen will look a lot like the "compliance" info. screen, but you'll notice there is more info. Turn the knob to scroll down the list. You can change the stats from 1 day to a year simply by clicking on setting and turning the knob to the timeframe you want then clicking again. Also; just so you know, you can enter the "clinical settings" by holding the button with two check marks and the knob button down for three seconds.

AHI is Apnea/Hypopnea Index. AHI indicates the average number of Apneas plus Hypopneas you had per hour in the timeframe indicated.

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AHI is apnea hypopnea index - the number of apneas (both central and obstructive) plus the number of hypopneas divided by the number of hours.

So if you have an AHI of 3.9 and slept 8hrs, that'd be you had (doing math) 31 events during that time.

Average AHI would be just what it says: average. If, for example, your machine has 12 days of data, I would assume it takes those 12 days of AHI, adds them together, then divide by 12.

But, if you have leak issues, major ones, that number would be skewed due to the machine not reporting them correctly.

You can use both SleepyHead and ResScan with your Autoset data. Try both then decide which one you like the most. I prefer SH but Zonk prefers ResScan. But he's weird. Wink

Apnea Board Moderator

Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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Oh my...there is so much to learn...don't know the difference between Apneas and Hypopneas...but I did get the Sleepy Head program downloaded...It wouldn't update, but I did get the info from the SD card in...wow...it does record everything...amazed...what really amazed me was the number of times I woke and restarted...one night 17 times. No wonder I am tired. It also appears I need to adjust the mask fit again. Will do that and then try and get some sleep! Thank You all for helping....
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(12-27-2012, 01:21 AM)PaulaO2 Wrote: I prefer SH but Zonk prefers ResScan. But he's weird. Wink
you,re not so far from wrong ... misfit more likely

Jenni88 ... what Paula and jgjones1972 said and also check "Sleep Quality" set ON (clinical menu - Options) to shows AHI and leak on the machine (as your last machine) otherwise shows only hours used if set on "Usage"

the data reset to zero at noon. you can still view last night data in the advanced info menu till you go to sleep at night or taking afternoon nap

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