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Stuffed up?
Switched from a FF to a nasal mask 4 weeks ago or so and its been very easy for me to sleep each night.
Cant say I feel any different yet though.
I get out of bed as I always did. Same amount of energy and all that so a part of me can't figure out why I have severe sleep apnea other than to assume because i sleep on my back 100% of the time its severe.

Anyhow, thats neither here nor there.

The past 5 nights for the first time I am having problems. I am finding that within 90 min or so of falling asleep, I am waking up all stuffed up.

The first two nights I woke up to find, one night, my mask off my head and in my hand. The air and noise woke me up so i am guessing i got stuffed up in my sleep and managed to take off the mask while sleeping.

The next night i somehow managed to pull the nasal mask right down on my mouth so my nose was free and woke up. Guessing i must have undone something, somewhere for i didnt stretch it out of shape.

But from the 3rd night on i am now noticing that the nose is getting blocked and i have to get up and blow it.
Ive never had to do this before..............at least not that i am aware of, although maybe that is why I have always been a mouth breather but i can't say.

Anyhow I am using to sleeping right through the night and walking up good because i have slept 8 hours but these past 3 night waking up a few times a night doesn't do a lot for my mood..
Last night i didn't even bother using it, the first night I have done that, only because i had to take the hubbie in for a small surgery this morning early and i wanted to make sure i would be properly awake to do so but I don't want to go without it on other nights.

So do we have any idea as to why people get clogged up?
I am here, in Toronto and the weather has just changed from a late cold winter to even 2 weeks ago it was chilly but now as of 3 days ago its 80 degrees during the day.
At present the bedroom window had been closed. I am putting an air condition in it today. We began to put it in 4 days ago and were unable to find something so I haven't been able to have the window open the past few days but i don't think that would be the issue.
Ive never had allergies as far as I am aware.......

As its never been an issue for me I have never used this squirty/spray things that people use in their nose but I don't want to start using medication if I don't have to....

Would nasal pillows maybe be the answer? Does it force the air up into the nostril even if you are stuffed up?

Any ideas as to WHY we get stuffed up?
With this change in weather, should I be turning off the humidifier, or using it more, etc?
I seemed to get through the winter ok......Granted I have always slept better in a cold room and will do so again once the A/C is on and hoping that might do the trick but wondering IF there are any settings on the machine i should have changed or not be using now the weather is warmer or any other tricks I am unaware of??


PS: I have one of those heated tubes but just use the regular white one. Assuming the heated one is best for winter, is that right? I don't need it this time of year do i?
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I think that the stuffiness is caused by the normal mucous in the nose being dried up by the air from the CPAP and building up to cause the stuffiness. This is my opinion anyway based on my observations. The solution may be more humidification of the incoming air to keep the mucous more fluid like it normally is. One can go the other direction and dry it out quickly but that might also cause dry mouth.

As long as you are not getting rainout you do not need to use the heated tubing but it can be a great help when one is trying to maintain higher humidity.

Best Regards,

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I had this problem, but it got better when I took the miserable cat off my face and put it on the floor.
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Quote:I had this problem, but it got better when I took the miserable cat off my face and put it on the floor

you are a funny one aren't you? ;-)

Quote: The solution may be more humidification

hmm, that might possibly be it.....I think, but am not positive, that I moved the levels down on it.
if so, then i might have triggered it by doing t hat to it myself.
I will put it back up and see if that helps...

On the other hand though, id consider it drier in the winter time when the forced heating is one
so i would think that that would be the time it would be at lt's driest so at this very minute one would think there would naturally be more humidity in the air now, thereby making it easier to breathe now, than in the winter.....

Hmmm, so I am not sure which will be better but but I shall try that tonight and report back either way. Smile

Quote: rainout

I have seen this mentioned a few times. What IS rain out?


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(05-27-2014, 12:55 PM)ShelaghDB Wrote: I have seen this mentioned a few times. What IS rain out?

Read about it on this Wiki article:


Apnea Board Administrator


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You'd think it would be drier in winter, but a dry spring, like what I've had for the most part here, may actually be drier. At least in winter, you might bring snow on the boots etc into the house to "moisten" things up a bit as it melts. In a dry spring, you don't have that because the snow is gone.

Happy snoozin', Shelagh Smile
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(05-27-2014, 10:17 AM)ShelaghDB Wrote: Would nasal pillows maybe be the answer?
Worth a try, the nasal pillows is lighter and does not sit or put pressure on the sinuses as the nasal mask does

I find saline sinus rinse at night and more humidity helps but others might find lower or even without humidifier is better for them, no way of knowing without trying and make notes of how you feel each morning

Its normal for one side to get blocked while we breathe freely from the other side .... called nasal cycle

Un-stuffing Your Stuffy Nose (Ebook by Steven Y. Park, M.D)

Nasal Breathing Video Series [copied from old forum] by Barry Krakow MD
See ' Commercial Post' (2nd thread from the bottom)
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