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Stuffy nose issue
When I go to bed at night and turn on my machine, my sinuses clog up. I can not breathe easily through my nose. I end up mouth breathing and wake up in a few hours with a very dry mouth. At that point, I can usually breathe easier through my nose.

I have tried Flonase before going to bed and it doesn't seem to help. I use a full face mask. Should I try a nasal pillow type mask? Any other suggestions for breathing through your nose. I haven't tried a chin strap, I am concerned I will have trouble breathing!
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A couple things...
A starting pressure of 4 may be too low. Most that start that low feel starved for air.

You may be better off with a nasal pillow mask, but you will probably need a chin strap with either type mask.
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I need to update my info, I have a starting pressure of 7 with a max of 15, have been for a little over a month. My AHI over the last month is 6.15, 1.09 obstructive, 1.62 Hypopnea, .39 RERA and 2.69 Clear Airway.

thank you for your reply.
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If you need air a chin strap will not stop you from opening your mouth. So don't worry!
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Have been a mouth breather while sleeping forever, and unlikely to change. My solution is the Hybrid FFM. Nasal pillows and smaller mouth seal area. Has a chin flap so I don't need chin strap. Might be worth a look. The warm humidified air actually clears my nasal congestion.
Love your family, treat your friend(s) well, and don't waste your time. Everything else is just so much BS. Sleep-well
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(02-05-2016, 07:10 PM)CPAPjim Wrote: When I go to bed at night and turn on my machine, my sinuses clog up. I can not breathe easily through my nose. I end up mouth breathing and wake up in a few hours with a very dry mouth. At that point, I can usually breathe easier through my nose.
Hi Jim,
I would just like to add that the turbinates in our noses - there are six in all, - are there to condition the air we breathe. If the air is cold, the turbinates enlarge & engorge with blood to warm the air before it goes into our lungs. It follows therefore, that if you pre-warm the air your turbinates will not enlarge so much and maybe not obstruct your nasal passages. I have found that running my machine without the mask for less than a minute does a good job. The air warms quickly so doing this may provide a solution. A room humidifier, or RC air conditioning may also help. Good luck.

[Image: signature.png]Keep on breathin'
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Personally I have a difficult time telling the difference between congestion and pressure, to me they feel the same. My solution so far has been low temperature 63 degrees, no water at all in the tank, those nose strips and the nasal inserts that look like wings flapping (the cone shaped ones are not good for me). This does not fix it all the time, but most nights I am fine now.

From what I can tell all of this is very personal and has to be figured out what is causing the congestion for you. Oh and I also started out with a FFM that covered my nose and now I use the Amara View that does not touch my nose bridge, much better.
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I need to use Flonase as well, waiting on surgery to trim my turbinates and fix a deviated septum. I have been using a saline nasal spray 15-30 minutes before the Flonase. For me, it increases the effectiveness of the Flonase. I spray in the saline solution until it runs down the back of my throat, then wait for 15 minutes before blowing my nose and cleaning my throat and use the Flonase. More humidity helps me too. Hope this helps.
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