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Sudden increase in Clear Airway apneas?
So the last few days, while I'm awake, I've been having a feeling of shortness of breath. I just assume that it's anxiety, or maybe being out of shape, since I have both of those. When I went to check my data today after sleeping all night though, I discovered something weird. I have never had central apneas (other than one or two, here or there, over the entire night), but that I had a ton of them the previous night according to sleepyhead. I didn't sleep very well either and woke up a lot too. Can the machine read me being awake and breathing slowly or shallowy as having a central apnea. I have no idea otherwise why this would have happened. Pictures are below.


Not sure what is happening, or if my machine is glitching, as most central apneas look like that. Could that just be me being awake and breathing slowly, or something?
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If you find yourself short of breath while awake or other symptoms, I would get to ER/A&E. A sudden increase would mean a trip to the doctor to me. Something has changed. Yes, you ignore events while you are awake and only count while asleep in sleepyhead. In saying ignore, it's only little things, not shortness of breath etc.

you could repost sleepyhead with the side bar with all the stats, but i doubt it would change my thoughts to ring for medical advice and an appointment.
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From machine or charts for auto-cpap, set the min 1cm below median pressure, or 2cm below 90/95%. max at 20cm for now. Forum will help you fine tune settings
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The machine has no way of detecting sleep vs awake.  If you are tossing and turning that can cause the CAs. Is this a one off or is it occurring most nights?

The onset of shortness of breath may indicate a number of issues that should be checked out by your Doctor.  My wife had something similar about a year ago.  Turned out her pulse was 26.  (Pacemaker before they would let her go home.)
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Shortness of breath is not something to take lightly, it could be as previously stated, an acute scenario and it could be brought on by certain medications.

You didn't mention how long you've been on CPAP and from your join date, I would speculate that you have recently started CPAP.  If so, it isn't unheard of to have CPAP induced central apnea, as the body is adjusting to constant flow of air 'washing out' the carbon dioxide.  You may find it helpful to reduce the EPR settings as low as you can tolerate (1 or 0) and see if that helps reduce the number of CA events.
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Back in December, you were struggling with extreme fatigue, and even ended up in the emergency room where nothing was diagnosed.  Your early results on APAP were done using low starting pressures and the last I recall was recommending that you use a minimum pressure of 6.0 and maximum of 10 with EPR set at 2.  Your tidal volume then was low, and that continues to be the case.  Here is last December, and obviously far fewer CA events.

[Image: b0eQTxE.png]

In your most recent results, we see that you really have not changed settings.  Your pressure starts low, and is quickly powered to 14 cm by flow limitations. Most of the rest of the night the pressure is near 10 cm. The large number of CA events is new.

[Image: DsE4huN.png]

You zoomed into the flow rate at about 16:00 and her we see an extremely low respiratory flow with frequent recovery spikes. This appears as persistent hypopnea, even though nothing is flagged.  It is not flagged as a hypopnea because the background flow is so persistently low that any reduction is seen as an apnea. 

I wanted to suggest getting EPR into your therapy to try and improve your respiratory volume a bit.  That may work, but the risk is that it makes CA worse.  At this point, I don't think you belong in an ER, but you should discuss this problem with your sleep specialist.  If you have any pulmonary issues (COPD, asthma)  or are significantly over-weight causing hypoventilation, you may need a different form of therapy.  It is very difficult to make a specific recommendation from the available information, but a doctor might have some ideas on using bilevel or bilevel PAP with a backup rate to improve your respiration and prevent apnea.  The last graph is an especially bad one.  We see persistent CA events interspersed with a single flow limited recovery breath.  The problem is much greater than the number of apnea being flagged. There are at least a dozen apena events here where only 3 are flagged. This may need professional attention from a sleep / pulmonary specialist. Please get an appointment soon if this persists through the weekend.

[Image: 0neT3uQ.png]

[Image: INRIYoQ.png]
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