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Sudden peak in AHI 23!
Rarely check my info on my S9, but this morning checked and last night I showed 6.5 hours time (usual) mask fit green (smiley face) and AHI 23!

I ran ResScan software and it showed that my AHI were usually around 2-5, there were some earlier peaks, but nothing like this.

If I had a serious leak, wouldn't the mask fit be red?

I am not really up on how to read the ResScan nor Sleepyhead readouts and can post whatever parts of the readouts - screenshots or upload files - here. Just let me know, I follow directions well.

I have been using the latest Resmed nasal pillows mask AirFit™ P10. It may leak a little since I can't figure how to tighten the strap. I have been sleeping on my back mostly, because it does not seem to seal well if on my side.

I also have an FFM AirFit™ P10, but find it uncomfortable. If needed, I can work with it.

Have to admit that I am a little spooked by this! Oh-jeez
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(11-13-2014, 10:23 AM)Dolla Bill Wrote: I have been sleeping on my back mostly, because it does not seem to seal well if on my side.

There's the problem Bill. Some of us cannot sleep on our back right away, or possibly ever. The pillows will seal just fine on your side. Just work with them a little. Possibly it's time to wash the strap in hot water to shrink it back down a little? Or maybe even time for new headgear? Or maybe a little HPA Lanolin on the tips of your nosie will help?

Just work the issue to be sure you're on your back. Then once you're back to normal get with us as to your Sleepyhead results. Maybe there's some adjusting that can help.
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Dolla Bill: Nice to hear from you. Taking care of those Cadillacs?

Might help to post leak and pressure graphs. Given enough pressure range, the Autoset should hold down your AHI.
It cannot do it if leaks are too high.

I sleep on my side with a FFM. My AHI does go higher on my back -- gravity works against one.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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(11-13-2014, 10:23 AM)Dolla Bill Wrote: If I had a serious leak, wouldn't the mask fit be red?
Exactly right ... brownie point Coffee
Mr Smiley face .... good mask fit ... 70th percentile leak is less than 24 L/m
Mr Red face ... mask fit needs some adjustment

Here step by step how to post a screenshot from SleepyHead

Are those events are in clusters or spaced out during the night and whats the breakdown of the events ... obstructive, central, hypopnea

I would not worry about it, as long as its not every night occurrence
We always get an odd night every now and then, maybe aliens
For me, it can be if my nose congested and lying in bed wide awake, the machine cannot tell the difference if I was awake or asleep when flagging those events .... dumb machine

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Hey all. just Mongo, the Cadillacs are doing fine, thank you!

here is a screenshot of my rescan
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The summary shot does not tell you much, you need settings, statistics, and graphs
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(11-13-2014, 04:13 PM)zonk Wrote: The summary shot does not tell you much, you need settings, statistics, and graphs

I am happy to post, but not sure what you want. Would uploading a pdf report help?

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Shot of detailed data graphs would gives us an idea
leak, pressure, events, flow limitation, snore index
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Like this? Here is a detail of last night, the night in question.
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Where is pressure graph?

Edit: the 3 clusters are mixed events, some obstructive and some centrals
we don't deal with central events with pressure increase, only make it worse
Maybe its time to schedule an appointment with the sleep doc

It might helps if you can avoid sleeping on your back as retired_guy highlighted
If you're using EPR, turn it off and see if does helps, some reported it does helps and make no difference to others

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