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Supine (Back) sleeping
First off, it took me years after getting a C/APAP before I could go back to sleeping on my back as opposed to side or belly/side position.  But on C/APAP I was eventually able to reassure my brain's self protective circuitry I was not going to die if I slept on my back and it let me go back to supine sleeping.  Well, sometimes.  Before that, it had convinced itself that I was trying to kill it by suffocation and if I tired to lie on my back, it would not let me go to sleep, no way, no how.

It's still easier to go to sleep on my side, but recent issues with hip and back have meant that back sleeping is the only way I can wake up comfortable and make it through the day without being a total cripple.

So, thankfully we have C/APAP and I can get that little bit of needed rest and recuperation overnight.

But recent threads convinced me to better document my PR SystemONE 560's current draw and battery calcs.  For that, I wanted to validate what I remembered as my average pressure - between 9.5 &10.0 - and my 90% pressure - between 11 and 11.5.  Well, I haven't had SH or Encore even installed on my computater machine for probably more than a year.  So for to analyziz ze power draw, I vill azzume a prezzure of 11. (convert the machine to straight CPAP and run it at 11, without and with HH.  I guess it might be beneficial to me.  Maybe zomeone else vill maybe be interested if I did the exercise at ozzer prezzures between 5 and 19 (an interest in viewing my rezultz if so?  Whiz ze oonderstanding that that is just ze rezults I recorded and may or may not be representative to your results on your machine but may be starting point?   (I have to get out of Dr. Strangelove mode.....)

Anyhow, back on topic ....
I look at the sleepyhead results and note that in the last few days when my back has been especially bad, and I consciously slept on my back, my AHIs (expectedly) go up slightly (from around 0.5-1.2 range up to a range of 2.25 -2.65.  Then I look at the overview bar graphs, and I can see right away what nights I slept on my back.  About 12 nights in the last two months.  AHIs are up, but still in a good range and I generally feel better the next day because the back is a lot better rested than if it was torqued around all night the night before (usually belly and pelvis flat on the mattress with back twisted and shoulders turned slightly, sometimes a knee up in the rescue position).  Looking at pressures, in those nights where I slept supine the pressures don't go up, just slightly higher, but acceptable, AHIs.

I am not a data junkie and very rarely bother to look at recorded data - usually when having problems or just before my annual physical so I can tell doc things for his chart like average nightly usage, average AHI, pressures, etc. so he can defend writing scripts for accessories or new machine if insurance ever balks (hopefully, this documentation in his records will forestall a new sleep study when the time comes around again for a new machine).  I just don't need to see data on a daily basis, but this is one of those times when I needed it and was glad it was there.

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I have new problems that want me to go back to sleeping on my back. I am trying to adjust to it. I have increased my min. pressure to aid back sleeping. It seems to be working for me.


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