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Suprised by results with pillow mask.
It really wasn't the AHI numbers that were alarming so much as the 95% pressure zooming up from 11 to almost 15 cm. I'll probably watch data for another week or so before calling it done.

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Nice! I find that I pretty much have to "lube" the underside of my nose as well as route the long hose behind my pillow where it's resting on my bed to avoid putting tension on the pillows. Otherwise, I get a sore nose. YMMV.

(07-30-2016, 03:04 PM)OMyMyOHellYes Wrote: OK - last night was betterer.

AHI just over 1.06 and 95% pressure of 10.00 - max pressure of 11.10 - so maybe appears back to "normal" for last night. I think I am going to try the medium pillows as the large sometimes seem to rub and put pressure on my upper lip ...


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I had to lube my nostril openings or get raw there. After a time I noticed my nostrils stretched open and flared all the time. My nose also became bulbous and round. After switching to nasal things seem normal again.
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OK - last night was an AHI of 0.00 and a max pressure of 11.90. So, it seems we're back to normal numbers with the booger hole plug mask. I may pull data again in a few weeks or a month or so just to check that all is still perking along.

I switched over to the medium booger hole plug insert and it seemed to do ok - didn't experience rubbing or pressure on upper lip. I have found that without a swivel at the mask itself, that the short hose will want to coil up into a phone cord shape when I roll around, I always roll to the left - If I'm on my belly and want to turn to my right side, I usually go left side, supine, then right side. I am not sure why, I suspect it is that with certain joint and back pain that the left turning is just easier. But I did find the hose needed to be "shook" to get it unbound.

I actually try and remove all oils from my face with Witch Hazel at the mask contact points before bed, just to keep the mask cushion cleaner. I understand that everyone's mileage may vary.

After a few days, the booger hole plug mask is getting to be not so bad. But I have never been one "picky" about masks. I'm one of the lucky ones - I've only tried/used two mask models and never had to go switch to get one that "worked" for me. The first mask I ever put on my face was a Respironics Comfort Classic at the Apria office (I didn't know any better then). I said "that'll do" and took it home. I wore it for about six years. Well, not that particular mask, but that was the only model of mask I wore. It did fine for me - slept straight through from night #1, minimal leaks, good therapy (judged from subjective feeling of how I was sleeping - never pulled data off the S8 Elite in that six year period). When I got a new machine four years ago, I didn't "need" or want to switch (if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it), but I did as the ResMed Mirage FX the DME supplier offered didn't have the silicone forehead pad, it was quieter, didn't have the same rush of air out the vent, and the ability to just change the cushion as opposed to the whole mask made it appealing enough for me to change. At that time, I tried a booger hole plug mask and it was not appealing to me - not as comfortable - felt like more pressure. And I suspected would be more difficult to keep in place.

I do like the clean, minimal strap arrangement and not having anything to obstruct the sight lines to my aesthetically pleasing face. Bigwink

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hmm.... Will you be joining the P10 cult after your surgery.

I like the name...booger hole plug! Too-funny
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oops, duplicate post.
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We'll see.

I didn't see a need to change (other than the surgery), but I am down to three cushions and one strap assembly for the Mirage FX in the inventory. That is probably enough to last me a couple of years, but I can still use those on my traveling S8 and my Intellipap nap machine. (I am one of those whose Scot heritage makes it almost genetically impossible for me to throw anything out that still has a wee bit of utility (I mash the dying soap slivers onto the new bar in the shower, too)).

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Quote: "I like the name...booger hole plug! Too-funny"

We need a similarly appealing name for the weird Amara View mask...
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Switching mask does indeed changes the therapy result. Even changing the size of the mask affects the outcome. Take my DreadStation as an example. Philips came up with an mask type resistance number for each of their own mask that you can put into the machine and allows the device to adjust the level of pressure compensation to match the mask.
An then there's an Opti-Start function that starts the AutoCPAP therapy session at a starting pressure closer to the previous session's 90% pressure meaning the machine will start the pressure based on your previous mask records.
With the new mask you just need time to play with the data again to setup the machine.
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