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Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
RE: Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
The Swift FX is a Nasal Pillow mask. The upgrade to this mask is the P10. (I believe this is what Mosquitobait is referring to.)

The Swift FX Nano is a Nasal Mask.
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RE: Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
HalfAsleep, I agree with your comments about the fx nano.  And I AM staying with the Wisp - I'm completely satisfied with it.  Comfortable, stays sealed and gives good numbers.  I like the quick disconnect, but also like to keep the hose through the loop up top and so don't mind wiggling the connection loose for bathroom break - not that difficult, and with the lightweight hose snugged through the loop with no slack, there's no shifting of the hose as you turn your head.  Just like the 'famous' top connection of the dreamwear.
I'm just playing around with the dreamwear because I'm finding lately that the more I experiment with this stuff the more things I learn that I didn't know I would beforehand.  And I have the dreamwear sitting around already, so just seeing if I can make some use of it once in a while. 
Had another good night with the dreamwear last night; it now can be a decent backup mask for me.  The keys for me to using it are:
1. Keep it, your face and hair clean, for a good grabby fit without slippage.
2. Place the headgear strap at the back of the head pretty much horizontal or only slightly below, not angled downward too radically because that tends to pull up and outward on the nosepiece position.  The headgear should seat the nosepiece against your face under your nose, rather than shoving it up against your nose.  The air pressure, not the headgear. will provide the last bit of contact with your nostrils and make the seal.
3. Use the smallest nosepiece possible that fits you, so that it curves up around the sides of your nose, tending to keep it from shifting sideways as you sleep on your side.
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RE: Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
And #4. Men have to keep facial hair and mustaches carefully groomed so the dreamwear nosepiece doesn't pick and scratch at stray whiskers.  That can mess with your sleep also.
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RE: Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
like Great fit ideas! I'm sticking with my FFM, however. No need to cause me traumatic brain fizz from dealing with a spate of leaks while auditioning a different mask style. Way too much else going on, like actually sleeping.
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RE: Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
Just more of my own experience, but I also tried the dreamwear nose pillow design.  Well, tried in the sense of putting it on - don't think I even tried to sleep with it.  I seem to have problems with nose pillows anyway - all the Swift fx sizes seemed to irritate one side of my inner septum.
The dreamwear people have put nose pillows onto the dreamwear nosepiece and their invention will fit the existing dreamwear frame.  But what a contraption the result is.  The pillows are in your nostrils and this puts the body of the nosepiece and the arms of the frame tubing out a good portion of an inch from your face - thus forcing the inside of your nose to hold everything in place.  Didn't like it at all.
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RE: Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
I have both. Started with the wisp and still happy with it's functionality. The FX nano has been cast aside on the table gathering dust - unfortunately a waste of good money. Couldn't get it to really work although I like the simplicity of the head gear design. The wisp needs a few steps to get in place, but that in and of itself lends to a more secure design.
The doctor says coffee does not affect my tinnitus and it's got lots of antioxidants....however, the after dinner drinks are a different matter altogether. 
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RE: Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
I second everything you're saying there.
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RE: Swift FX Nano vs Wisp
I think this CPAP headgear medical equipment is a racket in general.  Who do they think they're kidding with all of the half improvements?
Someone comes out with a light 'short hose'.  Then someone comes out with a short hose that turns freely 360 degrees.  Then someone comes up with a short hose that's on a ball and socket joint.  Then someone comes up with a mask with a top connection.  Someone develops a mask which has a loop at the top for routing the hose up to the top of your head.
But don't look for a light short hose on a ball and socket joint that's easily routed to the top of your head, with a quiet exhaust diffuser, comfortable, simple, well sized and secure headgear and a comfortable well sealing cushion system, anytime soon.  The anticipation will keep you from sleeping.
They have us right where they want us.
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