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Switching from constant pressure to autoset
currently I have a pressure setting of 12, and have had that for over a year and always done well at that pressure. Lately tho, I'm not sleeping as well and I'm considering trying to switch the machine to auto set b/c I think I need more pressure. I really don't want to have another sleep study done due to cost. Any advice?
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I'm in the same boat, 9-14 works for me, no Ramp or EPR .... YMMV

You want 95th percentile and maximum lower than 14 (does not have to be by much)
Download SleeoyHead software (link is at the top of the page) so you can see whats going on in details
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Thanks for the info zonk. I'm def gonna download the software soon, I would imagine I need an sd card for the machine also. I recently switched jobs and my new job has a lot of sitting time which I've never been used to, so I have put on an extra 20lbs. I'm thinking that's maybe why I'm noticing a diff in sleep. I just sent an email to the admin on this site asking for a manual on my machine b/c I have never messed with any of the settings since I first started using it a cpl yrs ago. I know one thing, I couldn't sleep without it now and never want to go back to the way I was b4 I had it, was pretty scary stuff once I learned that I had osa

What does YMMV stand for?
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YMMV means Your Mileage May Vary. It is common in car adverts; it is slang for: Things may be different for you.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Check if the SD card in the machine, the SD slot on the S9 is above the air filter, you'll see a bit sticking out, push it in and the card comes out
Otherwise you'll need both the SD card and SD card reader, if your computer does not have SD card slot

The S9 AutoSet provide detailed information on the long version of the sleep report (press and hold both silver buttons for 3 seconds)
You'll need first to set "Sleep Quality" to "ON", (not Usage) in the clinical menu. To see last night data, the period need to be set on "1 Day"
All explained in the clinical manual and the instructions with the video setup here http://www.apneaboard.com/resmed-s9-cpap-setup

The S9 sleep report display usage, pressure, leak, AHI, AI, Central AI
AHI = AI (obstructive + central) + hyponea index
Hyponea index = AHI - AI
Central AI included in AHI and AI
Pressure and leak numbers are 95th percentile numbers, been at or below this number for 95% of the night

Even without the software, the sleep report information gives us some idea of what is happening

All can be daunting at the start, but after a while, becomes as easy as reaching for a cold bottle of water or beer from the fridge, could do with one on this hot day, getting hotter in the next coming days
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(10-03-2015, 01:30 AM)zonk Wrote: The S9 sleep report display usage, pressure, leak, AHI, AI, Central AI
95th percentile pressure only displayed, when the machine on "AutoSet" mode

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I know I had to mail the sd card in once a month in the beginning so they could review it and I think they kept it after the last time but I'll look. I suppose mine has all of those capabilities, or atleast it says autoset near the power button. It's just starting to get cool here where I am zonk, down in the 40's the past two nights. As far as interpreting all that info it will take me some time. I do remember when I had the original sleep study done that out of 5 hrs I had 130 apneas, and 160 hypopneas, and I had some kind of rating of 50. I think they said that is a severe rating
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(10-03-2015, 04:11 AM)Bluedragon Wrote: As far as interpreting all that info it will take me some time. I do remember when I had the original sleep study done that out of 5 hrs I had 130 apneas, and 160 hypopneas, and I had some kind of rating of 50. I think they said that is a severe rating

Hi Bluedragon. Those numbers are an indication of the severity of the apnea. They are reported as an index, which is the total number of events divided by the time slept. So in your case:

Apnea index (AI) = 130 events / 5 hours = 26.0
Hypopnea index (HI) = 160 / 5 = 32.0
Apnea - hypopnea index (AHI) = AI + HI = 26.0 + 32.0 = 58

An AHI over 30 is regarded as severe. You goal is to get that AHI number as low as possible (at least below 5), get a good night's sleep, and feel well and refreshed.
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It does not matter how severe AHI diagnoses, the real AHI is while being treated, below 5 is fine, the lower is the better

You'll need find out what is AHI and leak at fixed pressure 12, so you have something to compare once you go on auto setting
Auto might not the panacea but something worth a shot to see whether can improve things
The Autoset only increase pressure in response to snoring, flow limitation and apnea, but no response to central apnea
At times might be on lower pressure and other times might need a bit more pressure to deal with events or sleeping position, ...

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I tried the auto function of my S9 without success. My breathing patterns trick the Resmed algorithm causing the S9 go to .2cm below the maximum set pressure. If I set the S9 at 8-20, it will go to 19.8. I have it set at a straight 10cm now and have sub 1's as an AHI. I would like to try a P-R just to see how it responses to me.

(10-02-2015, 09:45 PM)Bluedragon Wrote: What does YMMV stand for?

PaulaO2 has published a list of acronyms used around here. Here is the link:

This and many more tidbits can be found in the Member Help Forum.

Good Luck
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